How To Make Money With Warrior Plus As An Affiliate Marketer

Make Money With Warrior Plus – 10 Reliable strategies to increase your affiliate commissions on Warrior Plus

If you want to make money with Warrior Plus you’ll need to learn a few methods to increase your chances of success. As a matter of fact, the strategies that I’m about to share in this post will work on any affiliate platform. Whether you’re on affiliate on Warrior Plus, JV Zoo or Clickbank, the rules and actions you need to take to rake in commissions are pretty much the same.

All the strategies in this post are not a shiny bauble but evergreen methods that have worked for years. Believe it or not, there is no easy way or a magic button that you can push to make money as an affiliate. The only way you’ll make it in this game is by hard work and being consistent in your efforts.

How To Make Money With Warrior Plus As An Affiliate Marketer
How To Make Money With Warrior Plus As An Affiliate Marketer

At first, your efforts may seem like they’re not yielding results. It seems like everything you try leads to nothing. But that’s just normal, every successful affiliate marketer walked the path of failure. They all failed forwards and never gave up.

Follow the strategies below and put them into action, each and every day. As time goes by your efforts will snowball and you’ll see results starting to trickle in. After a while you’ll see your commissions grow with every new affiliate campaign.

So without further ado… here are the strategies to increase your affiliate sales

1) Build a website and/or a YouTube channel

Building a website is one of the most rewarding investments you’ll ever make in this business. It’s your hub from where you share valuable information about online marketing related matters.

You might want to start with “how to” articles and product reviews as this kind of content works extremely well to build an audience. It will take time and effort, but it’s definitely worth it.

The next thing that you should consider is creating a YouTube channel. On your channel you can create valuable videos and review videos of products that you promote.

Both your website and YouTube channel will transform into a passive income machine if you rank for the best keywords. You do the work once and you’ll receive payments over and over again. And remember, these web properties will make you look like a legitimate affiliate.

On top of that, you’ll have wonderful opportunities to…

2) Build an email list

I’ve said it a thousand times before but I’ll say it again. You NEED to build an email list, without one, your results will be sporadic and elusive at best. This is crucial and there should be no negotiations on this one.

You need to have some kind of sign up form on your website. It could be a simple form that’s placed on your side bar, or a ‘scroll mat’ styled opt in page. By giving away a freebie, you’ll encourage more people to sign up to your list.

If you make YouTube videos you should include your squeeze page link in the description below the video.

Use social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your landing page and build your list. But don’t rely solely on these platforms because you don’t own them. You should not build your house on rented land.

Use social media to get people on your email list, so you always have an audience even if your Instagram or Facebook page gets shut down.

As it goes, I do have a few posts on building your email list that you might want to check out:

Make Money With Warrior Plus - Build Your List
Make Money With Warrior Plus – Build Your List

3) Email more than once

Now that you’ve started to build a list, you’ll need to send out an email to promote an affiliate offer. Email marketing is a fine art that needs to be executed with precision. If you mail several times per day, your subscribers will get irritated and unsubscribe without a doubt.

Your list will also have a high churn and burn rate if the only thing you ever do is trying to make a sale. Your goal should be to provide more value than you sell. When you provide value your subscribers will start to trust you and as a result the sales will follow.

And when you do sell, mail at least five to seven times about the same product. Some people need to be told more than once before they’ll buy a product. If they didn’t buy your offer after seeing it several times, they are most likely not interested in the product.

Exercise common sense when sending emails and don’t let greed or over-enthusiasm to win a JV contest cloud your better judgement.

4) Pre-sell your offer

Don’t try to sell the offer in your reviews or emails, that’s what sales pages are supposed to do. Your only job is to pre-sell the offer. You can do that by point up the benefits, and show how the offer will help your audience.

Highlight the benefits but also talk about the things that you didn’t like, so that your review seems unbiased. While it is your job to put the product in the limelight, you shouldn’t hype it up to high heaven. Just like salt, use praise sparingly.

5) Use Facebook groups

Facebook groups are an excellent way to drive traffic to the offer you’re promoting. You can either create your own, or join a few popular ones related to your niche. Some groups allow for affiliate promotions now and then.

Always engage and provide value in the groups that you join. If you’re only part of the group to blatantly spam your links, you’ll be booted out before you even realize it. When you do promote an offer, the same rules of pre-selling apply.

Make Money With Warrior Plus - Facebook Groups
Make Money With Warrior Plus – Facebook Groups

6) Create a relevant bonus

As you probably know, most products listed on Warrior Plus are mainly in the make money online niche. It’s common for this niche that vendors include several bonuses on their page to increase sales.

As an affiliate you should follow their lead and create a couple of bonuses that are relevant to the product. This will definitely help to boost your sales and conversions.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t pile up a bunch of outdated crappy products that offer no extra value. Don’t go overboard on putting a value on your bonus, nobody is going to believe that you offer a bonus with an imputed real-world value of $5797.

Nowadays, buyers are savvy and they will know a rubbish bonus when they see one. Take your time to create a unique bonus as this will increase your affiliate sales.

If you need some help to come up with ideas for a truly unique bonus, then I suggest that you have a look at this blog post.

7) Look at the stats

Study the stats on Warrior Plus. The conversion stats of the product will tell you if it’s selling well. Trying to promote a product that converts poorly is pointless. You can’t turn pebbles into diamonds.

Your time will be better spent focusing on winning products and promoting them effectively to get more sales.

You also want to avoid products with high refund rates. You should never put your reputation on the line to make a couple of sales. High refund rates clearly show you that the product is total shite. And as good a salesman you might be, a polished turd still remains a turd.

8) Make a review video

I know that most people get goosebumps when creating videos comes to mind. But believe me, it’s a highly effective method of getting sales. If you can offer a sneak peak of what’s inside the members area or a demo of how the software works, your potential buyer will have a much better understanding of what you have to offer.

In a way, your review video is like an exciting trailer for an upcoming blockbuster movie. You’re whetting their appetite for the product and they’ll be much more likely to buy it through you.

By appearing on camera and talking directly to your audience, you’ll seem more credible and trustworthy. People tend to buy from people they know, like and trust. The human touch goes a long way in the affiliate marketing world.

Make Money With Warrior Plus - YouTube Marketing
Make Money With Warrior Plus – YouTube Marketing

9) Establish a good reputation

In this business, reputation is everything. By only promoting first-rate products and being honest, you’ll develop a reputation as someone who is trustworthy.

You’ve not sold your soul for a few measly commissions… and people can sense this. Once your audience trusts you, they’ll be much more likely to buy what you recommend.

You can’t buy a good reputation. You can only earn it, and once you have that reputation, it will reap dividends for you many times over.

10) Become a vendor

Here’s a tip not often mentioned. One of the best ways to increase your affiliate sales is to become a product creator and sell your own products.

When you’re a product vendor, not only will you build credibility, but you’ll also build a list of buyers. Any marketer worth his salt will tell you that it’s easier to sell to people who have already bought from you.

So, promoting affiliate products to your list of buyers will get you far better results than emailing a list of people who merely subscribed to your list just to get a free product.

Becoming a vendor doesn’t have to be a mind boggling task either. You can easily create simple informational products without all the bells and whistles. Nobody’s forcing you to create deep funnels with a gazillion upgrades and down sells. Keep it simple, because in most cases simple works just fine.

So these were my 10 tips to make money with Warrior Plus. Do you need to become an expert at all of them? Certainly not, just pick a few that suit you best and master them. Now go out there and take massive action. Always remember, taking action is your only key to success.

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