The Rotator Kit Ultra Review

The Rotator Kit Ultra Review
The Rotator Kit Ultra Review

The Rotator Kit Ultra Review – Over 1000 DFY Emails…Ready to Earn You As Much As $900+ Per Day!

Hello fellow marketers, and welcome to this brand new review…and this Rotator Kit Ultra Review will give you all the insights about a huge bundle of done for you emails and a one-click lead capture system from six-figure marketer Lee Murray.

As you might know, Lee is a true email marketing specialist who won many leaderbords over the years (even for big launches) with just a tiny email list compared with other marketers in the make money online niche.

He truly knows how to capture people’s attention through short and engaging emails which will pave the way to high clickthrough rates and conversions. Or in other words, he truly knows the secret to write emails that get results each and every time.

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The Rotator Kit Ultra Product Info

What you’ll get with The Rotator Kit Ultra is an expertly written 1000+ email follow-up sequence, a free tool to rotate your affiliate links, a done for you lead capture page, training that shows you how to set it all up, and additional training on driving traffic to your opt-in page.

Lee is using LeadsLeap, an ALL-IN-ONE marketing platform that provides all the necessary tools, so you only need to import his share code and you’ll have your capture page and all the emails up and running in the blink of an eye.

All the emails are written in a generic and non-salesy way geared towards educating your audience and building rapport all while promoting ANY affiliate offer of your own choice.

The Rotator Kit Ultra Review - Email Marketing
The Rotator Kit Ultra Review – Email Marketing

But the biggest benefit is that you only have to promote ONE link which automatically rotates between different affiliate offers and this will keep your subscribers interested and super engaged.

You’ll never have to write, load, edit, format, or monetize another email ever again! It will just happen automatically. Every single day, on your behalf, 24/7/365…FOREVER!

He’ll even show you how to loop your emails, so that once the 1000th one has gone out (nearly 3 years after a subscriber has opted in), it cycles back to the first one and goes through them all again…Repeatedly and indefinitely!

Pros And Cons Of The Rotator Kit Ultra


  • Easy and quick to set everything up
  • No technical skills required whatsoever
  • All the training to get up and running is included
  • Emails are written by a real email marketing expert
  • Approximately 3 years worth of expertly written emails


  • This isn’t your usual “el cheapo” $12 product
  • Your results will highly depend on your list building skills

Price And Upgrades Of The Rotator Kit Ultra

The Rotator Kit Ultra Laptop

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Final Conclusion Of This Rotator Kit Ultra Review

Remember, Lee is a pro who has been making waves in the online marketing space for years and now he’s handing you the keys to the kingdom. You’ll have 3 years worth of professionally written emails that are optimized to get clicks and sales.

On top of that you’ll get his battle-tested, one-click-import lead capture page and extensive training. In short, The Rotator Kit Ultra is a must have for anyone that is serious about making money online through email marketing.

Buy with confidence. Tap into Lee’s mind and start making affiliate commissions without doing all of the hard work. Take your online business to new heights with The Rotator Kit Ultra today and watch your success soar.

The Rotator Kit Ultra Review Bonuses
The Rotator Kit Ultra Review Bonuses


You’ll get instant access to a complete and extensive over the shoulder video course that covers all the best strategies to build and maintain highly profitable email lists. This course comes in 3 parts and contains several hours of high quality training.

Part 1: List Building Best Practices

Part 2: Email Marketing Best Practices

Part 3: Build Buyer Lists With Minimal Effort


You’ll get instant access to a full blown video training that will show you how to drive free targeted traffic from the most popular social media platforms. This course comes in 4 parts and contains several hours of high quality training.

Part 1: Facebook Traffic

Part 2: YouTube Traffic

Part 3: TikTok Traffic

Part 4: Instagram Traffic


You’ll get instant access to my Affiliate Programs Rolodex, which includes 70+ Untapped Affiliate Internet Marketing Programs That Need No Approval To Promote.

This is your golden ticket to a wealth of affiliate opportunities, all at your fingertips, without the hassle of getting approved. You’ll have immediate access to every link you require, alongside crucial product insights.

This will save you HOURS of time searching for high converting and PREMIUM QUALITY internet marketing affiliate products.


You’ll get instant access to my Email Takeover Templates, which are 15 Done For You Fill In The Blanks Templates that you can use over and over again to promote ANY offer of your choice. This bundle includes…

Set #1: The Gain-Logic-Fear Sequence includes three emails that tap into logic, fear, and desires, along with two additional emails to generate sales using social proof and scarcity triggers.

Set #2: The Indoctrination Sequence includes a welcome email, a personal-story email, a “question and answer” email, and two more emails to engage subscribers and generate sales.

Set #3: The Engagement Sequence includes a “mistakes” email that grabs prospects’ attention, an “actionable tip” email that generates sales, and a promo template that boosts conversions with a special offer.

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Right then, you made it till the end of my review for The Rotator Kit Ultra. If you have questions in regards with this review or any of my bonuses, then just hit me up in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you asap.

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