Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review

Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review
Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review

Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review – Earn Daily Commissions Without Costly Softwares Or Spamming Social Media

Hello readers and fellow affiliates, welcome to my Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review.

Profit Cyclone Reloaded is the completely updated version of Profit Cyclone, which was essentially a relaunch of Will Weatherly’s Profit Nucleus.

Quite honestly, I was a little skeptical when I got my review copy because most of these reloaded versions are usually just the same product with a new cover and an updated sales page.

So I was more than pleasantly surprised to see that Will re-recorded about 90% of his training, and in my opinion he made it even better than the original one.

What you will get is a step by step training where Will Weatherly shows you how to set up a simple review blog that brings in daily commissions like clockwork.

Will also shows you how to turn your written reviews into simple video reviews without the need of being on camera if you don’t want to.

So you are literally killing two birds with one stone because you’ll get buyer intent search traffic from both Google and YouTube.

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Apart from making sales through the reviews on your blog, it will also function as a lead capture hub to build a highly targeted email list.

In a nutshell, you’re getting an entire business blueprint that simply works without any of the usual fluff and bullshit. And how do I know that?

Quite simply, if you’re reading this review it means that you’re on my blog right? You searched for “Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review” right? Well, I rest my case!

All jokes aside, this is not one of those methods that Will pulled out of his arse but something that has been proven to work for many years.

He just gave it his own personal twist and turned it into an easy to follow training that anyone can implement and get stellar results with.

Profit Cyclone Reloaded goes live on 21/09/2021 at 09.00 AM/EST

Why A Review Blog Instead Of A Bonus Page?

First and foremost, a bonus page is never going to rank very well, if at all, so if you want free search engine traffic you’re going to need a blog.

Below you will see some of my results for pretty small launches but I still managed to make a decent amount of sales all coming directly from my blog.

Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review - My Results 1
Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review – My Results 1
Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review - My Results 2
Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review – My Results 2

Plus, a blog also comes with several other benefits…

I’d like to see it this way, a bonus page is like that little “Mom-and-pop” shop around the corner while your blog is that huge retail store where everyone wants to be.

Let me explain…

On a bonus page you’ll only have 1 product, nothing else. When someone visits your page and they don’t like that particular offer they’ll leave, and you might have lost them forever because you’ve got nothing else to offer.

On a blog you’ll have multiple products. People may not like a particular product but they’re spoiled for choice, and they might check out another review and buy that product instead.

Or they might end up reading your non-review articles and click on the links in those articles. Heck, they could even end up on your email list.

And last but not least, conversions on a blog are way higher than on a bonus page.

Believe me, I’ve run many tests and made multiple tweaks on my bonus pages but they never convert anywhere near as good as my blog.

Here’s What You Get With Profit Cyclone Reloaded

All the training is split up into 12 modules containing 24 over the shoulder videos in total.

Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review - Members Area
Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review – Members Area

Here’s a brief overview of the modules:

  • Welcome & Members Area Orientation
  • Visual Overview of Profit Cyclone
  • Case Studies
  • Product Selection
  • Cyclone Powerhouse: YouTube & Blog
  • List Building To Your Cyclone
  • Social Media Traffic To Your Cyclone
  • How To Create Custom Bonuses
  • Setting Up Your Hub
  • Hub Exit Strategies
  • Resources
  • Conclusion

Pros And Cons Of Profit Cyclone Reloaded


  • 100% Proven Method
  • Will Is Using This Exact Method
  • Real life case studies included
  • Easy To Follow Step By Step Tutorials
  • Easy To Implement Anyone Can Do This
  • Works In Combination With Free Traffic Sources


  • Some Topics Could Be More In-Depth (My Bonuses Will Help)
  • He’s Not Using His Blog To It’s Full Potential (My Bonuses Will Help)
  • Long Winded And Hyped Up Sales Page That Tells You Nothing

Final Verdict – Should You Get This?

Yes! But I’ll be brutally honest, Profit Cyclone Reloaded is not for everyone. If you’re looking for loopholes, shortcuts or the magic money button then save yourself the hassle – this is not for you.

On the other hand, if you need an exact process that shows you how to build a sustainable online business and you’re willing to put in some time and effort, then go ahead and click that buy button because that’s exactly what you are going to get.

If you’re a struggling newbie, stop jumping around from method to method and finally start working on a rock solid strategy that gets REAL results.

Price And Funnel Of Profit Cyclone Reloaded

Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review - SW Box
Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review – SW Box

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Upgrade 1 Profit Cyclone Traffic Pro: $27-$17
You’ll get more monetization strategies and you’ll discover how to create more content without spending hours in front of your computer screen.

Upgrade 2 Profit Cyclone DFY: $37-$27
You’ll get a full suite with done for you content including content templates and e-mail swipes.

Upgrade 3 Steal Our Traffic: $197-$97
You can put your pixel on his sales pages and build up an audience of proven buyers (ONLY useful if you’re willing to pay for traffic!)

Upgrade 4 Profit Cyclone 2x License Rights: $67-$47
You’ll get the license rights to Profit Cyclone Reloaded and Profit Code. Sell them as your own and earn 100% commissions on the entire funnels.

Upgrade 5 The Super Affiliate Method $997
This is the high ticket coaching program from John Newman and Cynthia Benitez where they will work with you personally and lead you to success.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: None of the upgrades are needed to get the most out of Profit Cyclone Reloaded. But if you decide to pick one up, make sure that you grab it at the down-sell price.

Bonuses you can't afford to miss
The Review Blueprint Bundle

You’ll get access to The Review Blueprint which is my own product that’s going to be released next month. This extensive bundle contains hours of high quality training all about creating profit pulling product reviews, launch jacking and choosing the best affiliate offers to promote.

Here’s what you will get:

  • The Review Blueprint
  • WordPress Training Kit
  • WordPress Success Guides
  • The Super Affiliate Strategy
  • Affiliate Launch Marketing
  • 30 Minute Affiliate
  • The New Order

If you want more information then you can visit the sales page over here

The No Cost Optin Funnel

You’ll get access to an in-depth over the shoulder video training that shows you exactly how to build a simple opt-in funnel to build your list from scratch without spending a single cent on lead magnets, hosting or auto-responders.

You’ll get access to a completely done for you funnel that you can import into a 100% FREE to use marketing platform in just a few clicks.

Not only will you be able to build your list, but it also has the potential to bring in recurring income from 3 different tools that every marketer needs to run his online business.

You can check out the entry point of the done for you funnel over here.

You’ll get access to 18 detailed and easy to follow checklists that cover the best strategies to drive huge amounts of highly targeted visitors to your websites and webpages.

Just follow along and implement what is shown it these checklists and you’ll get more traffic than you can handle.

Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review - Vendor Bonuses
Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review – Vendor Bonuses

Plus you also get all the extra bonuses from the vendor and they will be delivered in the members area of Profit Cyclone Reloaded

Looks Good, Huh! Well To Get All These Bonuses All You’ve Got To Do Is…

>>> Click Here To Get Access To Profit Cyclone Reloaded + All My Exclusive Bonuses <<<

If you purchased through Warrior Plus…Log into your account, find your purchase and click on the blue affiliate bonus button to access your bonuses

Right then, you reached the end of my Profit Cyclone Reloaded Review. If you have questions in regards with this review or my bonuses, then just hit me up in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you asap.

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