11 Reasons To Use Systeme.io For Your Membership Site

Systeme.io membership site
Systeme.io membership site

Why Systeme.io Is The Best Choice To Build A Membership Site For Monthly Recurring Income

If you’re thinking of setting up a membership site, you already know that it’s quite a ‘technical’ process.

There are 2 ways you could go:

membership sites

There are pros and cons to both options… but there’s another factor that most marketers will want to consider…

And that’s the cost/price of the software you’ll be using.

Let’s look at the pricing plans for some of the most popular membership site solutions:

One glance and you can see that the pricing is relatively steep.

There are other options like Fourthwall and Podia where you don’t pay a monthly fee – but these platforms will take a small percentage cut of each sale.

To the beginner marketer on a tight budget, this may seem like the ‘easier’ option… but is this the way to go?

Well, not necessarily…

Because there’s a relatively new player in town. This platform has skyrocketed in popularity and thousands of marketers are now using it.

Popularity Of Systeme.io
Popularity Of Systeme.io

It will allow you to build a membership site on a free lifetime plan, and won’t take a cut of your sales.

You get to keep all your profits. Does that sound good? You bet!

The platform we’re talking about is none other than Systeme.io. You can easily sign up for a free plan here.

If you looked at the features you get on the Systeme free plan, you’ll notice that you are allowed 1 course.

Systeme.io features
Systeme.io features

This is the feature you’ll use to build your membership site. It’s referred to as a ‘course’ but it’s the same thing as a membership site. You can do both.

Now let’s see why you should set up your membership site with Systeme…

1.It’s Free!

This is the most attractive reason of the lot. You don’t need to pay a cent (besides buying a domain name for less than $10 on Namecheap) to build your membership site.

It’ll take you time to attract members and gain traction. But since the free account on Systeme.io is not a time-based trial, you have all the time you need to add members to your site.

Forget the other platforms charging you an arm and a leg… and maybe a nose too…

You’ll keep paying even when you have no sales just to set up your membership site with them.

Remember this mantra, “If you’re new, Systeme.io’s for you!”

==> Watch my video tutorials and learn how to use Systeme.io to it’s full potential

2.Easy to use

Since Systeme.io is an all-in-one marketing platform, all of the features are already integrated for you. Someone who joins your membership will automatically be added to your email list that’s also on Systeme.

If you’re wondering, the answer is yes! You get an email marketing tool with Systeme that’s free too, and you’re allowed up to 2000 contacts.

Systeme.io free plan
Systeme.io contacts

If you weren’t using Systeme, you’d have to pay for a separate email marketing tool.

But that’s the least of most marketers’ problems. The real hassle is trying to get multiple different 3rd party tools to sync and integrate well with each other.

This can be a technical nightmare. You can avoid all this scrambling just by using Systeme.io where everything is already integrated for you.

3.Protected pages

Once again, it’s all done for you in Systeme.io


If you’re on the free Systeme.io plan, you’ll only get one course… but as your business grows, you can always upgrade to the Startup plan to sell more products or even build new membership sites.

With the Startup plan, you’ll be allowed 5 extra courses. This a great opportunity to scale up your business with Systeme.

You won’t be overpaying for resources that you’re not using. That makes Systeme a cost-effective solution.

Systeme.io contacts
Systeme.io free plan

5.Seamless payment integration

Once you have a Systeme account, you can add your PayPal and Stripe details into it.

In the future, when you’re selling your membership, customers will easily be able to purchase from you using one or both these options.

If you’re using a different platform, you’ll have to add the API keys and other ‘tech stuff’ just to integrate the payment processor with it… and there will be a bunch of other hoops you’ll need to jump through.

Why run when no one is chasing you? Just use Systeme.io and easily process your orders.

Your goal as a marketer is to focus on getting subscribers and sales. Not juggle a bunch of software and constantly fix their never-ending hiccups.

6.You can include upgrades!

With Systeme, you’ll be able to upsell your buyer a membership upgrade.

You can offer a basic membership for $17 a month and if they purchase it, you can ask them if they wish to upgrade to a premium membership for $27 or more.

This is just an example, but it gives you an idea of what you could do with Systeme.

This platform can be a selling machine, if you use it wisely.

7.Content drip scheduling

Just like most membership platforms/plugins, Systeme.io has a dripfeed feature to allow you to ‘release’ content to your members at specified intervals.

Instead of dumping the entire load of content all at once and overwhelming the new members, you can set the delivery of content to go out at daily or weekly intervals…

Or however many days you want. You have full flexibility here.

8.Built-in affiliate program

Thinking of recruiting affiliates to promote your membership site? Excellent. This is one of the most effective ways to get more sales.

But wait… don’t you need an affiliate management tool for that? Yes, you do – and you probably know what’s coming next…

Of course! Systeme.io has a built-in affiliate management tool that you can use – and you get it for free too!

Seriously. You’re given everything you need to make your membership site a success and you’ve not even spent a cent yet.

If this doesn’t make you sign up for Systeme.io, nothing will.

9.Analytics & reporting

Your account interface will have all the useful analytics and reporting you need to know your conversion rates, number of members and all the other data to help you improve your conversions and so on.

10.Build your own community

You’ll be able to create a community on Systeme for your members. If you’re using Skool, you’ll need to pay $99 a month for this privilege.

With Systeme, it’s free. Again.

We’re starting to sound like a parrot sitting on a broken record… repeating the same thing over and over – but it’s the truth…

It’s mind-boggling just how much you get on the free plan.

Of course, Systeme.io knows that once you see how powerful and useful the platform is, you’ll upgrade your free plan to a paid one as you grow your business with them.

It’s truly a win-win arrangement.

11.Excellent support

The Systeme.io support team is nothing short of excellent. Time and time again, they’ve shown that they will answer support tickets within a couple of hours.

Systeme.io support
Systeme.io support

While Systeme is easy to use, if you have any questions, you can contact their support team and get expert assistance.

By now, you’ll realize that setting up a membership site can be complex and costly.

But Systeme.io offers a free plan and the platform is so easy to use that it simplifies the entire membership site setup process.

With features like seamless payment integration and built-in affiliate programs, Systeme.io makes it easy to scale your membership site and get more sales.

It doesn’t get better than this.

Sign up for a free account now and turn your membership site goals into reality!

All The Best,

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