How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into Subscribers

Six tested and proven strategies to convert your website visitors into subscribers

When you want to build a list from your website, you’ll need to use an opt-in box that re-directs visitors to your squeeze page. Marketers often add an opt-in box to their sidebar and assume they will get tons of subscribers by doing so.Truth is, to really get a flood of new subscribers you need to have multiple opt-in boxes placed on the most strategic areas of your website. So if you want to find out how to convert your website visitors into subscribers, read this post carefully, as I’m about to reveal six of these strategic areas.

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Here’s what you want to do if you fancy a big email list

Put an opt-in box in your header

If you want to draw immediate attention on your opt-in box the header of your website is a good place, because it will be the first thing a visitor sees when they land on your page. They don’t have to scroll down or click through several pages to see a form that’s placed within the header.

However, when you use this technique you want to make sure that the opt-in box really stands out from the header, use bright and different colors so the offer doesn’t blend into your header.

Place it in your post

Another good place to put your opt-in form is in the middle of your posts. If your readers took the time to read through half of your blog post, then it is most likely that they really like your content. Basically, there isn’t a better time to ask them to join your list than at this very moment.

You can also place your opt-in box at the end of each blog post. In essence, the sign-up process needs to be smooth and easy for your readers, you don’t want them to go and search all over the place to find your opt-in box.

How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into Subscribers
How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into Subscribers

Try a floating bar

If you make use of a floating bar your opt-in form will always be in front of your visitors. As the reader scrolls through your posts or pages, the bar remains visible. Floating bars often have bright colors with a written clickable message within the bar.

One of the most used floating bars is the one offered by Hello Bar. Hello Bar has a forever free plan up until 5000 visitors per month, afterwards it turns into a monthly subscription.

Create your free Hello Bar account over here:

Add popups

Popups are a call to action that are hard for anyone to ignore. You can use a light box popup to grab the viewer’s attention and get better engagement returns. A light box stands out because visitor’s focus on the offer as your site automatically dims the rest of the page behind it.

Depending on which popup service you use, you can always choose between different settings. You could set your popup to appear after a visitor has been on your website for a certain amount of time, after they’ve viewed a number of pages or after they attempt to leave your website.

Poptin has a forever free plan up until 1000 visitors per month, afterwards it turns into a monthly subscription. Poptin is highly customizable and very easy to use.

Create your free Poptin account over here:

How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into Subscribers
How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into Subscribers

Make a scroll box

Making use of a scroll box is another great way to convert your website visitors into subscribers. You can configure your own settings and choose at what point on the site the scroll box is triggered to appear.

The box can be customized in several ways, for example, you can choose to present an offer along with the email opt-in or you can choose to have just the email opt-in. This might be useful to draw attention to a specific offer or getting viewers to explore more of the content on your website.

Don’t forget your pages

It’s always a good idea to put an opt-in box on your about page, as this is one of the most visited pages from your website. After you introduced yourself and spoken about the benefits of your business, you can invite your readers to learn more or to sign up for your free gift.

If your website has a tools page or resource section, you might want to ad an opt-in box there too. Persuade your visitors to subscribe in exchange for more tools and resources.

If you implement these strategies, and follow up with good and valuable content in your emails, I’m pretty sure you’ll soon have a big audience that is reading your content, opens your mails and eventually buys whatever you have to offer.

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