How To Write High Converting Email Subject Lines

Even today, email marketing remains the best way to promote your online business, whether your doing affiliate marketing, selling your own products or provide online services. But without the proper knowledge of how to write high converting email subject lines, your email will never get opened by your subscribers.

For most online marketers, emailing is a huge part of what they do on a daily basis to rake in affiliate commissions. But if people aren’t opening any of your emails, you’re ‘dead in the water’. No opens equals no clicks, and as a result you will have no sales.

A badly written subject line can either make or break your campaign. Many people decide whether or not they’re going to read an email by the subject line. The subject lines need to be eye-catching, but also establish trust with your subscriber.

In this short video tutorial I’ll guide you through the five most important types of email subject lines and how to write and structure them. The types we’ll cover in this video are:

  • The Welcome email
  • The Scarcity email
  • The Promo email
  • The Reminder email
  • The Last Call email
  • The Content email

If you can master these kinds of subject lines than you’re email marketing campaigns will be successful.

Anyway, here’s how to write high converting email subject lines

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