4 Most Profitable Ways To Monetize Your Blog

In today’s online marketing game it really doesn’t matter if you’re a new blogger or a pro who spits out quality content on a daily basis.The honest truth is that you need to be up to date with the most profitable ways to monetize your blog.

If you think you can pas up on today’s monetization methods in order to make an income online, well you might as well stop reading now and go back to posting 500 word articles to some E-zine website that nobody cares about anymore.

Nowadays the online world plays by it’s own rules, and if you refuse to adapt to the modern age, you’ll be having a hard time to ever make a penny from your blogging efforts.

But rest assured that blogging can be extremely profitable if monetized the correct way, you can try various ways to monetize your blog or a combination of ideas in order to create multiple streams of income.

Most Profitable Ways To Monetize Your Blog
Most Profitable Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Here are by far the 4 Most Profitable Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing will allow you to earn a commission every time someone buys a product that you recommended on your blog. Promoting affiliate offers can turn into a sustainable income model once you gain some traction for each of your promotions.

Some affiliate networks offer generous commissions of up to 75% and sometimes even 100%. The easiest way to promote these offers is by writing a review or have a dedicated page that you specifically created for the product.

Other ways to promote your offers are sending out emails to your list, or have ad banners on various places on your blog. With affiliate marketing you’ll be able to make money directly from your blog without having to create your own products or deliver services of any kind.


If you use your blog to offer services of any kind, this could be the fastest way to earning money from your blog. And the best part about this blog monetization method is that there is an endless supply of freelancing services that you can offer, so you will never run out of money.

Selling your services means that you are selling your time which usually results in higher profit margins for. To get started, simply create a page on your blog that showcases your skills and place a link on your blog.

Create e-courses

The e-learning market will surpass the $38 billion mark by the end of 2020. This highly lucrative monetization method will work for your blog not only into this year, but also in years to come. And if you think that this method is out of your reach, than realize that you probably created a huge portion of the content for your e-Book, or your online course in the articles that you have posted on your blog!

To create your product, you can use Word or Google Docs for writing, and your smart phone can be used for recording videos. You can also deliver your product with ease as it can be sold from a sidebar on your blog.

Paid membership content

Some blogs offer premium membership areas. The content here should be ‘next level’ in terms of quality and targeted learning. You would need to update your membership site with new material every month. Membership sites are a great way to generate a consistent recurring income.

The most common way to have a membership area, is to have content pages that are password-protected, where you can have various layers of ‘access’ to the content based on whichever membership level your subscriber has joined. You can set all of this up easily with plugins that have been created specifically for this kind of blog monetization purposes.

These are by far the 4 Most Profitable Ways To Monetize Your Blog, become an expert in one of these and you’ll be able to turn your blog in a money making machine.

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