How To Get Extremely Targeted Free Traffic From Pinterest

Over the past months, I’ve got really annoyed trying to get traffic from Facebook. You know, closing down my accounts for no apparent reason, my links getting blocked and of course other people spamming my timeline with total nonsense ‘shiny objects’.So I went on to find an alternative for my social media marketing, and as both Instagram and Twitter didn’t bring me the desired results in the past, I decided to try and get some targeted free traffic from Pinterest.

And truth be told, I went in not expecting to much…BUT to my surprise I’ve managed to get some pretty good results from Pinterest.

How To Get Extremely Targeted Free Traffic From Pinterest
How To Get Extremely Targeted Free Traffic From Pinterest

So what exactly is Pinterest and how do you get FREE targeted traffic from the platform?

Well Pinterest is a social media platform where people share “pins” (images and videos) to “boards”. And like Google, Pinterest is a search engine. You can set up your pins in Pinterest and optimize them for certain keywords, so when someone types in that keyword, your pin can arrive at the top of the search results! And, some will click on your pin, and go to whatever link you want! Your website, landing page or even straight to an affiliate offer!

Another cool thing is that people can share your pins and they can be seen by thousands of people.

This is part of the reason Pinterest pins can go viral and bring you lots of traffic in a short time. It’s virality is huge and very easy to tap into. The more pins you put up on Pinterest, the better results your results will be. You can keep adding more of the types of pins that brought the best results and this is how you can scale your Pinterest traffic big time.

Pinterest will also improve your Google rankings

Pinterest actually helps you rank higher in Google because all the sharing of your content on Pinterest will create “social signals” and tells Google that your content is popular because it is being shared, and will automatically rank your content higher.

Pinterest traffic works for just about any type of business

Another great benefit of Pinterest is that it will work for any type of business in every niche you can think of. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, a course creater, a service provider,a blogger or you run an agency, Pinterest works but you have to know the right way to use it.

Join Tailwind Tribes for guaranteed traffic

There’s a software called Tailwind which has a ton of powerful features to help you scale your Pinterest traffic. Many of the top Pinterest traffic generators are making use of Tailwind. One of the great features of Tailwind that makes it so powerful, is Tailwind Tribes.

These are niche specific groups where people share each other’s pins with each other’s followers. So someone can choose your pin from the tribe and share it with their own audience. This will get you guaranteed traffic because shares will lead to more and more shares. This creates a viral effect and this is what makes Pinterest so powerful.

Pinterest traffic needs the right steps. Otherwise you’ll be running around in circles and wasting your time

  • Make sure your profile is filled out with a picture, description and link to your website
  • Have lots of relevant boards and pins on your profile
  • You can use CANVA to create your pins, make them 1500 x 1000 pixels
  • Try to pin at least over 25 pins a day, mostly your own pins
  • Be consistent in your pinning. You can use a scheduler.
  • Join Tailwind Tribes
  • Scale up and start outsourcing

If you’re looking for a free traffic source to bring in lots of targeted traffic, then I suggest you have a serious look at Pinterest.

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