Top 5 Article Types To Focus On for Your Blog Posts

Most bloggers stick to the same article type for every post they write, forgetting that there are many types of blog articles that can help to prevent becoming repetitive, so in this post I want to give you my top 5 article types to focus on for your blog posts.

Top 5 article types to focus on for your blog posts
Top 5 article types to focus on for your blog posts

Every type of article is different and can attract a specific kind of lead, all these article types are a great way to build up your audience and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

All of these formats are designed to give value and getting you traffic, but make sure to always include a strong call to action in your articles, be it to collect new leads or to re-direct them to an affiliate offer.

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Anyways, here’s my favorite top 5 article types to focus on for your blog posts

1.How to articles

These articles work very well because people like tutorials where they can learn new things. People are always on the look out for a solution to their problems. If they realize that you have the answer they’re looking for, they will likely click the link that leads to your website to read your post.

By sharing your knowledge people will see you as an expert in your field and this could be the start of a powerful lead generation, the more value you provide, the more they will adore you and eventually this will lead to making you more sales.

A great way to complement these kind of articles is a quick “How To” video.

Here are some examples:

-how to build a squeeze page for free
-how to lose weight fast without starving yourself
-how to shoot a basketball from far distance

2.List articles

These type of blog articles are splattered all over the internet and they are very popular. List articles provide the reader with just about the right amount of information in an easy to read format.

Most people don’t want or don’t have the time to read a full article. With a list-style article they can easily skim through the blog post and get all of the information they need.

List articles are more likely to go viral and that’s why they are perfect for list building

Here are some examples:

-5 major health benefits of eating oats daily
-7 free traffic sources to build your list fast
-top 5 auto responders you probably never heard off

3.Review articles

Before people take out their wallet they always want to know more about a product. In a review you should always include the product name, creator of the product, explain what the products are about and of course the price.

Always inform your readers about the upgrades and talk about the pros and cons of the product. These kind of articles work extremely well with products that are just being released.

A review video together with the article could lead to even higher conversions.

Here are some examples:

-Siteground website hosting review
-My honest Getresponse review
-Enter the niche vol.2 review and custom bonuses

4.Checklists/Cheat sheets

A checklist gives your audience a step-by-step breakdown of what they need to do to achieve their goal. The major difference from how-to articles is that checklists don’t leave any room for interpretation.

Cheat sheets are a quick reference guide for people with limited time.

If you can provide checklists and cheat sheets regularly, your audience will want to consume and download more of your valuable content.

Here are some examples:

-Content curation cheat sheet
-Membership resources checklist
-Top 20 Clickbank products checklist

5.Case studies

There’s a big difference between somebody telling you something and someone showing you exactly how to achieve something, and this is where case studies come in.

They show real-life examples of a topic that is valuable in your niche, your readers will believe that you know your stuff when they see actual results. And therefore case studies are great for generating leads.

These are just a handful of article types you can use to write engaging blog content, use them wisely and you’ll definitely see an increase of website traffic over time.

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