My online Startup Review – Free Affiliate Marketing Course

Welcome to my My online Startup Review which is a free affiliate marketing course.

Let me start of with getting a common mistake out of this world, it’s not because something is free that it can’t be good. This certainly is the case with My online Startup as it provides more valuable info than most of the crap that is thrown daily on Muncheye.

As a matter of fact, calling it just another affiliate marketing course is not fair because it’s much more than that. Stick with me and I’ll explain why.

my online startup review - free affiliate marketing course
my online startup review – free affiliate marketing course

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My Online StartUp is a free training program that will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing. The course is delivered via video tutorials and contains 9 modules with a total of 51 videos.

The videos are well made and some of them are quite in-depth.

The creator of My Online StartUp is Chuck Nguyen, a long-time successful internet marketer. While this course is aimed at beginners, more experienced marketers can also pick up a thing or two.

The training will cover all the basic stuff like mindset, lead generation, setting up an authority platform and getting traffic.
My Online startup offers tutorials in both free and paid traffic.

One of the best things about My Online startup is that it has a community where you can ask questions. If you don’t understand or get stuck on parts of the training, you can leave a comment below the video and more experienced marketers will help you out.

You can also sign up as an affiliate for My Online Startup.

my online startup review – free affiliate marketing course

Now how can I make money from a free course you might ask.

Well like with any other affiliate program there are of course upgrades, so if someone signs up for the free course through your link and decides to take the upgrade, you’ll make the commission.

Done for you premium blog set up

This is still in beta version but it basically means you can take advantage Chuck’s team and have them set up your own full-blown premium blog, 100% for free.

As you can see by now My Online startup is much more than just another free course.

Pricing and Funnel

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Insider Level – $147 (One Time Fee)

This upgrade gives you access to a few more features and a more lucrative affiliate program. You’ll also get access to the forum, case studies and Chuck’s previous products.

Pros and Cons


-Free to start
-Great video tutorials
-Community to seek help and support
-Chuck recommends some good and valuable resources
-You can sign up as an affiliate


-Some of the paid traffic sources and tools can become costly
-Done for you blog still in Beta version

My Online Startup is a very good option to learn affiliate marketing and you don’t have to be ashamed promoting it.

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