Profit Code Review – Copy and Paste your way to free targeted traffic

Profit Code Review
Profit Code Review

Profit Code Review – Create original content on demand and post it any where you want online…WITHOUT getting banned!

Hi there everyone and welcome to my Profit Code Review. Profit Code is a brand new product by Will Weatherly and Bill Hugall and it’s going to be released on the 13th of April 2021 at 09.00 AM/EST.

Profit Code is all about a hack that enables you to create unique content and getting highly targeted free traffic from giant platforms such as Quora and Medium. You also get access to a tiny bit of code that will prevent that your accounts get shut down!

I’ll level with you, normally I cringe when I see things like “copy and paste” or “secret hack” on a sales page because usually these methods are useless and an utter waste time.

Much to my surprise, Profit Code has won me over because it’s different compared with all the lackluster products that are thrown into the market daily. I’ll tell you even more, I really like it and I will implement it in my own business.

Why do I like it? Well stick with me and you’ll find out soon enough in my Profit Code Review. But first things first, welcome back Bill Hugall.

Watch My Profit Code Review Video Below So You’ll
Know Exactly What You Can Expect

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Okay, now that you know what it is… let’s see how it works

In the members area you will find over the shoulder videos that will guide you through the whole process. All the training is given by Will Weatherly who has been testing the method for several months. Will also provides proof that his methods work via a case study, and he doesn’t hide anything as he shows you all of his accounts.

First you’ll discover a neat trick that enables you to create as many unique content as you want. His method of content creation is super fast, and the best thing is, it will work in any niche you can think of.

Secondly, Will is going to show you how to post that content on either Quora or Medium which are 2 platforms with a truckload of free online traffic.

He’s using a third platform in conjunction with a little bit of code that prevents that your links are getting banned. This is a huge deal as it gives you the ability to promote whatever you want on Quora or Medium.

If you’ve been involved with affiliate marketing for any longer than 5 minutes than you’ll probably know that promoting affiliate products or even your own website are a big NO GO on Quora and Medium.

Many marketers lost their accounts, and hereby their traffic source, without a single word of warning. The Profit Code is the perfect solution as it circumvents the terms of service by using a third party platform.

And don’t worry because this platform is approved. Once you’ve set things up your potential customers will be automatically re-directed to your affiliate offer or the webpage of your choice.

Everything you need to make this method work are free online tools and the method itself is also 100% free to implement.

On top of that Will is going to show you a second way of getting traffic from Quora, and they also included 4 extra bonuses in the members area (The Double Game, Profit Zenith, Explosivo and Holiday Gold Rush).

Profit Code Review - Members area
Profit Code Review – Members area

Pros And Cons Of Profit Code


  • Method has been tested for months
  • Free traffic from giant platforms
  • No existing audience required
  • Easy to implement even as a complete beginner
  • Proof that it works backed up by a case study


  • It’s a hack, so there’s no guarantee on the longevity of this method. On the other hand, as long as it works you should take advantage of it.

Price And Funnel Of Profit Code

Profit Code Front End $7.95

Upgrade 1 Profit Code Pro $27 down sell $17
Discover how to take the main training to the next level. Users will learn how to create more content with less work. They will be shown more monetization strategies and traffic methods in line with what they get on the front end.

Upgrade 2 Profit Code Done For You $47 down sell $37
This upgrades delivers a full suite of Done For You material. You will get DFY landing pages, researched keywords, content templates, and e-mail swipes.

Upgrade 3 Profit Code License Rights $67 down sell $47
You’ll get automatic approval to sell Profit Code as if it was yours and receive 100% commissions across the entire funnel.

Upgrade 4 Profit Code Coaching $147
You’ll receive a one-hour coaching strategy session with either Bill or Will and you get ongoing support. You will be able to create a focused plan and get help with anything else regarding your online business.

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Get Profit Code Today And I’ll Give You Some
Of My Best Bonuses…Absolutely For Free!!!

Bonus 1 Campervan Commissions

Profit Code Review - Bonus 1 Campervan Commissions
  • Learn how to set up a basic review website for affiliate products
  • Set up a lead capture system to build an email list
  • Discover how to drive tons of free buyer traffic to your website

Bonus 2 First Page Rankings

Profit Code Review - Bonus 2 First Page Rankings
  • Discover how to rank your product reviews on the first page of the search engines (perfect addition to bonus 1)
  • Learn how to structure your reviews and the steps you need to take after you published the review
  • Complete video tutorial and all backed up by a case study
  • Follow this blueprint and get FREE buyer traffic from the search engines

Bonus 3 Newbie Traffic Hacks

Profit Code Review - Bonus 3 NEWBIE Traffic Hacks
  • 6 Traffic strategies to get huge amounts of traffic to your web pages
  • These are proven strategies and all backed up by real results
  • None of them require any special skills and they are completely free to implement

Bonus 4 Facebook Messenger Bots

  • One of the best ways to get tons of FREE traffic from Facebook to your offers
  • Complete guide on how to setup and use messenger bots for maximum results
  • Do the work once and your system will run on complete autopilot

Bonus 5 All The Vendor Bonuses

  • You’ll get access to the bonuses from the vendor in the members area of Profit Code

Looks Good, huh. Well To Get All These Bonuses All You’ve Got To Do Is…

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If you choose to purchase Profit Code via my link, then you’re bonuses will be automatically delivered inside your Warrior+ account. See the picture below on how to access your bonuses.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Profit Code Review. I hope that you’ve found it useful and helps you to make a decision whether Profit Code is for you or not. If you have any questions whatsoever, just shoot away and I’ll get back to you asap.

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