10 Powerful Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Drive traffic to your website with these easy to implement but very effective strategies

As we all know getting traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. But sadly enough, most new marketers soon find out that they are absolutely clueless about generating traffic. Drive traffic to your website is like a fine art and it isn’t as easy as they envisioned.

It turns out that having a website doesn’t necessarily mean that people will visit your site.

You are going to need…

  • A battle tested strategy to get people to your website
  • Proven methods that will generate a steady stream of visitors
  • Tactics and hacks for getting people to visit your site and engage with your content

The more traffic that you generate the more money you’ll make, it’s as simple as that.

10 Powerful Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website
10 Powerful Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Can you see how important website traffic is for your business? If you know how to attract a targeted audience your website could turn in to a profit pulling machine.

But where do you find these people, and more importantly, how the heck do you get them onto your website? The answer to that question can be found in today’s post, as I’m about to share 10 proven strategies for getting hundreds, if not thousands, of website visitors.

The only thing that you must avoid is to jump from one strategy to another without giving much time to each one. Learn and master one strategy before you move on to the next one. You really need to think in the long term when it comes to drive traffic to your website.

Anyway, with that said let’s dive straight in…

Traffic Strategy 1: Create valuable content that is share-worthy

You need to put valuable and engaging content on your website, the kind of content that people can easily share with others without making a fool out of themselves. You really need to stand out from the crowd.

To achieve this you’ll need to come up with awesome articles that go in-depth on your chosen subject. Always strive for quality over quantity when your creating content for your website.

Ask yourself these questions when you’re creating content…

• Would you be happy reading the content?
• Does this add value to the people reading the article?
• Is this share-worthy?
• Is the content any different compared to my competitors content?
• Does it answer any questions that your reader’s might have?
• Does it solve the reader’s problems?

If you have amazing content, you’ll soon realize that everything else in your promotion becomes so much easier. Always remember that your main goal is to educate your audience by sharing valuable content.

Drive Traffic To Your Website - Educate Your Audience
Drive Traffic To Your Website – Educate Your Audience

Traffic Strategy 2: Share the content on all the popular social media platforms

You should always share your content on all your social media profiles. But keep in mind that some content works better on certain platforms, so you must be aware where your audience hangs out.

For example…

• Pinterest is a platform mainly focused on images. When you share a blog post on Pinterest, you may want to consider to create a compatible image that fits the platform.
• Twitter is more text heavy (although images could certainly help). When you share your blog post on Twitter, carefully craft the text you want to accompany your post.

Try to share different types of content formats on your social media profiles. In other words post a mix of text based content, images and don’t forget to post a video once in a while. When you experiment with the different content formats you’ll get a clear vision of what works best on different platforms.

There are several automation tools that will enable you to schedule your social media posts in advance…

You may want to consider using the following tools:

• CoSchedule
• Meet Edgar

With just a few minor tweaks you can re-purpose your old content by re-sharing them onto your social media profiles.

Traffic Strategy 3: Build an email list

List building should definitely be your number one priority. The best way to grow a list of email subscribers is by giving away something in exchange for the visitors email address.

Here are a few examples of what you could give away:

• Checklists
• E-books
• Case studies
• Videos
• Email courses
• Templates
• Webinars
• Info graphics
• Discount coupon’s
• Anything else that’ll persuade people into giving their email address

Another effective way to build your email list is by integrating opt-in forms on the most strategic places of your website. When you invite people to sign up for your email list, you must give them a valid reason to do so.

What will they get…

• A free download?
• Weekly marketing tips?
• Access to an exclusive Facebook group?
• Access to a tutorial video you created?

When you invite people to sign up for your list, give them as many reasons as possible why they should. In order to build an email list, you’ll need an email marketing auto-responder.

The most well known and trustworthy auto-responders are:

• ConvertKit
• ActiveCampaign
• Campaign Monitor
• Constant Contact

Drive Traffic To Your Website - Email Marketing
Drive Traffic To Your Website – Email Marketing

Traffic strategy 4: Guest posting

A very efficient strategy is to post on someone else’s website because you automatically reach a new audience.

With guest posts you can…

• Benefit from the work they’ve done building their audience
• Get your content in front of an audience that’s much larger than your own
• Increase your exposure and drive traffic back to your own website

The most common way to secure a guest post is to contact the owners of related blogs and just ask them. One thing to keep in mind, be unique in your pitch. In other words, you’ll need to be able to offer unique and quality content to the other person’s audience.

What makes your content so valuable?

• Years of expertise?
• A different perspective?
• Research on a particular subject?
• An insider’s opinion?

Always be respectful to the owner of the other website and provide as much value as you can. If you do get the opportunity to guest post link to it across your various social media networks.

Traffic Strategy 5: Participate and engage in online forums

You must be aware of the fact that forums are completely different than your regular social media platform. It is common that the forum members want you to add value directly to the group instead of re-directing them to your website.

In order to be successful on forums you’ll need to…

• Answer questions.
• Contribute your own thoughts.
• Ask questions.
• Add deep value to the conversation.

Before you share any links to your own site, participate in numerous conversations.

Only when you have contributed in several conversations you’ll be able to link back to your website. Linking back to your own site is pointless if you fail to deliver value to the group first.

Traffic strategy 6: Reference others

One of the most effective strategies for getting other people to share your content is to quote or reference them.

The most efficient way to get quotes from influencers is to take something they’ve already written and quote them. Another big advantage of quoting influencers and authority figures in your content is that it will position you as an expert in your field.

Traffic strategy 7: Join forces with other content creators

Trying to build a tribe of engaged followers can be a gruesome task to say at least. A simple way around this is to team up with other people and benefit from each others audience. You could collaborate with another website in the form of doing guest post swaps.

But it doesn’t have to stop here:

• You could appear on someone else’s podcast and then promote that podcast on your website.
• You could join a YouTube creator in one of their videos and then promote that video on your own website and your social media profiles.
• You could do a joint webinar and then promote it to your email list.

The key to setting up a successful collaboration boils down to one thing only, bring value to the other person.

When you reach out to another marketer for a collaboration you’ll need to be crystal clear on how you are going to ad value for them. Do not focus to much on your own benefits because you’ll get rejected each and every time.

Drive Traffic To Your Website - Team Up
Drive Traffic To Your Website – Team Up

Traffic strategy 8: Start running paid ads

Running paid ads is by far the most effective strategy. You get to tap into two of the biggest audiences in the entire world. Also, paid advertising allows you to put your content in front of a very specific audience.

For example, let’s assume that you’ve just recorded an extensive tutorial about building a wooden garden shed. You can easily target that specific audience on Facebook by using the Facebook Audience Insight tool.

Or, if you plan to run ads on Google, you could target people who are specifically searching for “Tips to build a wooden garden shed”.

I hope that you can see the power of running paid ads. The benefits of paid advertising often outweigh the costs.

Traffic strategy 9: Blog commenting

Commenting on blog posts is very similar to participating on online forums, you’ll need to bring value first before you’ll reap the rewards.

You should focus on:

• Adding new insights
• Asking relevant questions
• Engage with the website owner and other blog commenters

Do keep in mind that the blog owner can delete your comments at any point in time. You need to select your blogs carefully and make sure that they are all closely related to your niche.

This strategy is a bit slow and will take time and effort on your behalf. On the other hand, if performed correctly this strategy could bring in tons of highly targeted website visitors.

Traffic strategy 10: Create various forms of content

Apart from creating blog posts on your website, you should consider to also create videos, podcasts, case studies or even full blown webinars. One of the best ways to create a variety of content formats is to use the “pillar strategy.”

From there, you take the pillar content and slice it up into smaller pieces of relevant content that all stand on their own.

You could then…

• Take one point from that blog post and turn it into a short video
• Take another point from the blog post and turn it into a short podcast
• Take a third point from the blog post and turn it into a series of social media posts

Make sure that every piece of content that you create points back to your website.

Use these 10 powerful strategies to drive traffic to your website and you’ll begin to see a steady increase in your traffic. Focus on one tactic first and learn how to do it efficiently before you move on to the next one.

The key to your success is taking consistent action. So what are you waiting for? Start now and drive traffic to your website as soon as today!

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