Five Ways To Profit From Your PLR Content

Most PLR buyers and even some of the PLR resellers are clueless about how to properly monetize their PLR content, that’s why in this post we’ll look at five ways to profit from your PLR content.

If you happen to have bought any PLR content recently then you have saved yourself tons of time, and you have also freed yourself from all the stress that goes hand in hand with constant content creation.

By downloading your new PLR content, you now also have the knowledge to position yourself as an expert in any niche.

Five Ways To Profit From You Plr Content
Five Ways To Profit From You Plr Content

However, when it’s time to finally do something with the content most people seem to get stuck. You might think that you only have a few options to use your PLR materials, as a matter of fact many PLR buyers think that the only way to use this stuff is to publish it on to their blog.

But the truth is that posting PLR content on your blog without rewriting it is probably the last thing you want to do. You undoubtedly will get a slap on the wrist by Google for publishing duplicate content.

So what exactly can you do with your PLR content?

Well, you could use your PLR text content as base materials and rewrite it to create a new and truly unique blog post. And it doesn’t have to stop there, you can actually get tons of use from the content of your PLR packages.

In fact, you can get hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of value from the tiny amount of money that you spend on PLR content

To be perfectly honest, the only limits to re-purposing PLR are a lack of creativity and your imagination.

Here are five ways to profit from your PLR content

1.Turn your PLR articles into a video

Use your PLR blog posts or articles as a script for slideshows. You could make of use captions, which are snippets of text from the PLR materials, and upload these slideshows to YouTube after converting them into MP4 files.

Search for royalty free images on the internet from sites like Pixabay or Pexels and read the materials from your PLR text and use the images as the video background. You have the choice of doing voice over or background music only videos.

There’s tons of royalty free music to be found on the internet.

Of course this is time consuming but then again it’s a totally free option to create some stunning videos. You could massively speed up this process by making use of a paid software’s called Vidnami.

This tool gives you the ability to literally create engaging videos in like 20 minutes and it has the option to use their build in voice overs which sound very human like.

2.Turn your PLR video into a transcribed blog post

Many people don’t seem to know that YouTube has an auto-transcription feature. Just upload your PLR video on to YouTube and it will automatically transcribe it in to a text file. Keep in mind that this transcription file needs to be edited as it comes with no punctuation.

If you don’t have the time or patience, you can hire a virtual assistant on platforms like or Upwork to do the work for you. You can use your transcription for blog posts, articles, reports or e-books.

Five Ways To Prodit From Your PLR Content
Five Ways To Prodit From Your PLR Content

3.Create email tips from your PLR blog posts

Split up and edit your PLR blog posts and format them in the form of email tips. You basically take the whole blog post and put it in one email.

If you lots of blog posts, then you have many different tips that you can send regularly to your subscribers. With every mailing you have the ability to pitch any kind of affiliate product that you are promoting.

4.Strip down your PLR e-book into a cheat sheet

Cheat sheets are basically summaries of the content within your e-book. If the book teaches you how to do a certain thing, you easily strip it down into a small step by step summary.

Cheat sheets are pretty easy to create as they normally are not very long. Three to five pages is more then enough for a cheat sheet and they are perfect as free giveaways to build your email list.

5.Post chunks of your PLR articles in niche specific Facebook groups

Break up your niche specific articles and spilt them up into tiny chunks, add a royalty free picture and post them into Facebook groups.

You can easily drive traffic to your website or affiliate promotions by doing this. If done right people will start liking and commenting on your post, interact with them and drive them to your affiliate offers.

These were just five ways to profit from your PLR content, and believe me there are many more.

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