PLR On PLR Review

PLR On PLR Review – Fifty expert articles that will teach you how to profit from PLR

Are you tired buying PLR but don’t know how to use it? Want to monetize the content or sell your own PLR? Then stick with me and find out how to become a PLR expert in my PLR on PLR review.

PLR On PLR Review
PLR On PLR Review

PLR on PLR by Arun Chandran are 50 brand new articles on “How to use PLR” which come with full private label rights.

These articles cover everything there is to know about using PLR products and will take you from a complete beginner to a full blown expert.

If you’re one of those people with a gazillion of megabytes worth of PLR sitting on their hard drive then this product is for you.

Not to ad on more megabytes to the pile, but to finally get the knowledge on how to monetize your PLR, so lets have a look on how you can achieve this in my PLR on PLR review.

And not only will you learn how to use the PLR that you already own, you have the rights to use these 50 brand new articles in any way you want.

You can use them as blog articles, use them to create checklists, use the content for your emails, split up the content to create small reports or use them as a script for your YouTube videos.

Heck, you could even create a full course on PLR out of these articles because Arun provides you with a complete blueprint on how to make money with PLR.

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Who is this mastermind behind PLR on PLR

Well you can safely say that Arun puts his money where his mouth is, because he’s been successfully running several online PLR stores for years now, such as, Reseller PLR and

He is also known for the yearly release of his top 15 Clickbank Products Reviews which get raving reviews by fellow marketers and their customers. He also served as a ghost writer for many other successful PLR vendors like Val Wilson and Huw Hughes.

Apart from that Arun is probably the most entertaining guy in this whole online marketing business, whenever I’m in for a good laugh, half an hour in his Facebook group usually does the trick.

His funny side and subtle self-mockery reflects in his writing and this is exactly what sets the man apart from so many other PLR vendors.

What you’ll find inside the members area of PLR on PLR.

PLR On PLR Review
PLR On PLR Review

The articles are split up into 5 different sections:

PLR 101 The basics: 10 exclusive articles that explain the fundamentals of PLR

  • Understanding the Different Types of PLR Rights (877 words article)
  • Will Using PLR Make Google Penalize My Site for Duplicate Content? (602 words article)
  • PLR License Terms: Making Sense of It All (993 words article)
  • 4 Precautions to Take When Using PLR (926 words article)
  • Is There Any Use for Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights Products? (725 words article)
  • 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying any PLR (575 words article)
  • Not All PLR is Made Equal… and Here’s Why! (918 words article)
  • Is Hiring a Ghostwriter Better Than Using PLR? (751 words article)
  • Discover the Most Important Skill You Must Have to Make Money with PLR (813 words article)
  • 5 Common PLR Misconceptions Dispelled (843 words article)

10 exclusive articles about personalizing and rebranding your PLR

  • How To Rebrand Your ‘Biz in a Box’ PLR (606 words article)
  • Do You Need to Rewrite Your PLR Content? (560 words article)
  • 3 Ways to Make Your PLR Content More Engaging (774 words article)
  • Does Your PLR Have a Voice? (702 words article)
  • Discover Why Rebranding Your PLR is so Important! (670 words article)
  • How to Rebrand Your PLR So it Stands Out (1,078 words article)
  • What to Look Out for When Rewriting Your PLR (536 words article)
  • Important: Change These Components When Rebranding Your PLR (749 words article)
  • Turning Your PLR Into Infotainment That Hooks the Masses (883 words article)
  • Common Difficulties Beginners Face When Rebranding Their PLR (962 words article)

10 exclusive articles on monetizing your PLR

  • 5 Ways to Turn Your PLR Articles Into Money Content (931 words article)
  • Membership Sites Have Never Been Easier with PLR (600 words article)
  • Building a Funnel with Your PLR (834 words article)
  • Discover Why Most PLR Tips Do NOT Work! (852 words article)
  • 4 Indirect Ways to Boost Your Income with PLR (703 words article)
  • Revealed: 3 Crucial Components for PLR Monetization (662 words article)
  • Different Types of PLR and How You Can Monetize Them (695 words article)
  • PLR Income Generating Possibilities are Endless – But Only if You Understand Why (644 words article)
  • Avoid Making this Common PLR Monetization Mistake! (777 words article)
  • What You Really Need to Make Money with Your PLR (707 words article)

10 exclusive articles about advanced PLR strategies

  • Re purposing Your PLR to Create New Content (755 words article)
  • Can PLR Be Used for Kindle Publishing? (677 words article)
  • Discover the Power of Video Marketing with PLR (813 words article)
  • Private Blog Networks and PLR: A Potent Combination (712 words article)
  • SEO Tips for Ranking Your PLR Content (572 words article)
  • How to Not Settle for a 400-Word PLR Blog Post (707 words article)
  • 4 Ways to Circumnavigate PLR Limitations (824 words article)
  • Profitable PLR Shortcuts You Can Take to Build Your Business (812 words article)
  • How to Get Maximum Mileage from Your PLR (560 words article)
  • Add Multiple Buy Buttons to Your PLR With This Technique (772 words article)

10 exclusive articles on selling your own PLR

  • PLR Store VS PLR Launches: Which is Better? (702 words article)
  • Should You Write Your Own PLR or Outsource It? (865 words article)
  • Revealed: The Truth about the PLR Scene (872 words article)
  • How to Turn Your PLR Business Into a Passive Income Stream (1080 words article)
  • What PLR are Buyers Looking For? (629 words article)
  • 5 Skills You Will Need to Build a Successful PLR Business (1050 words article)
  • Launching Your Own PLR? – Read This First! (1171 words article)
  • How to Promote PLR as an Affiliate (861 words article)
  • Discover the Secrets to Boost Your PLR Sales (1080 words article)
  • Pricing Your PLR: What No One is Telling You (984 words article)

As you can see this is basically the whole PLR business model handed to you on a silver plate! Use it to gain knowledge, position yourself as an expert and make some serious money from these articles!

Pricing and Funnel

Main Product: 50 articles at $27
(After the launch 04/07/2020 the price will rise to $67)

Upgrade 1: Five PLR On PLR Lead Magnets at $27 with a down sell at $9.95(this Upgrade 2)

They come with a full step by step instruction guide on to how to insert your affiliate links,
uploading the squeeze page, delivering the reports and more.
Inside this upgrade you’ll also get 3 extra bonuses:

Bonus 1: Multiple PLR Stores Review Post
Bonus 2: 10 PLR Quick Tips Videos
Bonus 3: 50 Article Title Images (these are perfect for social media)

Upgrade 2: 10 Brand New Info graphics at $9.95

These pictures are perfect to use on your blog or social media channels

PLR On PLR Review
PLR On PLR Review

Pros And Cons


  • completely brand new written articles
  • This is a DFY business in a box if you implement what you learn in the articles
  • Various ways to monetize these articles


  • no actual tutorials on how to properly set up a blog or membership site, don’t worry because my bonuses got you covered


If you want to learn how to become a PLR expert and profit from the content at the same then PLR On PLR is definitely for you

My PLR On PLR Review Special Bonus Package

BONUS 1: Ten done for you lead magnets

These are ten DFY lead magnets that you can optimize and rebrand as if they were your own. You can also use them as bonuses in your affiliate campaigns, they come with pictures and squeeze pages. Monetize these lead magnets by putting your affiliate links inside.

PLR On PLR Review Bonus 1
PLR On PLR Review Bonus 1

BONUS 2: How to set up a highly profitable blog

In this video tutorial you’ll learn everything there is to know on setting up a highly profitable blog.

From buying an expired high domain authority domain name, what plug ins to install and their settings in order to have a blazing fast website, on page and of page seo strategies, how to get real high authority back links, how to research long tail and low hanging fruits keywords, and much more.

This is the tutorial you need in order to have an unfair advantage over anybody else.

PLR On PLR Review Bonus 2
PLR On PLR Review Bonus 2

BONUS 3: Membership site video tutorial

Follow this step by step video tutorial and turn your WordPress site into a membership site. Put all your monetized PLR content on your new membership site and create yourself a recurring monthly income stream. Do the work once, and get paid over and over again.

PLR On PLR Review Bonus 3
PLR On PLR Review Bonus 3

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