Passive Class Review – Your FREE Lead Capture Hub

Passive Class Review – Start generating recurring income as soon as today with your FREE lead capture hub

Hello everyone and welcome to my Passive Class Review.

Yup, he did it again! My old buddy Lee Murray managed to put together another done for you solution to finally see some dollars flowing into that darn old Paypall account of yours. And boy, he really outdid himself this time!

The best part is, that it’s completely FREE to get started. Now of course there are some up sells in the back end, because after all Lee remains a marketer, but you don’t need any of them to make Passive Class work for you.

As a matter of fact, I’m so impressed with what Lee put together for us that I needed to make this Passive Class Review.

Passive Class Review
Passive Class Review

What is Passive Class?

In short Passive Class is a lead capture hub where you’ll be able to build 2 lists, your very own list and Lee’s list. Now your next question might be, why in the freaking world would I want to build Lee’s list?

Fair enough, but give me a minute and I’ll explain it to you. Well, once you’re a member of Passive Class you’re going to get instant approval to promote Passive Class.

People who sign up for a FREE Passive Class membership via your affiliate link will be presented with the up sells, the same way as you were when you signed up. So if they decide to buy any of the up sells, you are getting paid a commission.

But it doesn’t stop there, as Lee is the creator of Passive Class, everybody who signs up will automatically go onto his email list and that’s where the magic happens.

Lee is going to promote the up sells using a hard coded link ( Your Link ) in an email follow up series. So all the people who signed up under you will be presented with the up sells again in Lee’s emails, if they take action now you still get the commission!

So as you can see growing Lee’s list isn’t a bad thing after all as he will do the promotion on your behalf.

Watch My Passive Class Review Video Below

Now I do strongly advise you to build your own list as well, just create a simple squeeze page for people to opt in before you send them to the FREE Passive Class membership.

Or you could go for the up sell where Lee offers you a DFY squeeze page and a 7 day follow up series. I choose to build my own which took me about 15 minutes to create with Getresponse, feel free to model my squeeze page if you want.

Here’s a picture of the squeeze page I created with Getresponse

Passive Class Review Squeeze Page
Passive Class Review Squeeze Page

In addition to being a lead capture hub, Passive Class is also a great course on how to build a passive income and how to build an email list.

The training consists of more than 18 videos and Lee will also give suggestions on recurring income programs to promote. And if you think that it stops here, nope, I’ve told you at the beginning that this was something of massive value!

To top things of, Lee is also giving you absolutely FREE access to his Dirty 30 method, which is basically another full blown course on how to get free traffic by building a blog the “Lee Murray way”.

Now you might say, I don’t want to create a blog because that’s to time consuming. Well, let me tell you it isn’t, you’ll be amazed how fast your blog is filled and monetized with content if you follow the simple instructions inside Dirty 30.

Who is the man behind Passive Class

Lee has been making an online income for over a decade now. He’s a top affiliate for the things that he promotes and he created some excellent courses in the past such as Breakfast Embed, Enter The Niche and Affiliate Psycho.

Apart from that, Lee is an excellent copy writer and email marketer. As a matter of fact, he’s one of a handful of guys that can persuade me to open their emails, because let’s face it, most emails you get from marketers are total crap!

But not Lee’s emails, they are engaging, funny, filled with knowledge and straight in the face when they need to be.

Now if you’re still here than you must be really eager to get in Passive Class and you probably wonder where that “Get Instant Access” button is. Well hold your horses, before I smack that button on this page I’ve decided to throw in a FREE bonus myself.

My FREE Bonus For This Passive Class Review

To use the Dirty 30 method you’ll need a WordPress website, follow the step by step video training in this course and you’ll be set up in no time.

Passive Class Review Bonus
Passive Class Review Bonus

Get FREE Access To Passive Class + Dirty 30 + My Bonus

To get access to my FREE bonus you just need to click the blue “Affiliate Bonus” button inside your Warrior plus account.

warrrior+ bonus access button

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