How To Make Money From Youtube Without Showing Your Face

Right then, in this tutorial I’ll show you exactly how to make money from YouTube without showing your face. And to make this perfectly clear, we’re NOT going to do it by “stealing” somebody else’s content or using the creative commons section.

Just follow along this step-by-step tutorial and it will all become clear. Best thing is, you can start and implement this method absolutely for FREE.

How To Make Money From Youtube Without Showing Your Face
How To Make Money From Youtube Without Showing Your Face

But first I want to explain what our goal is by using YouTube as a source of traffic generation and how to set it all up…

I suppose that you already know the basics of online marketing (how to build your list, set up a landing page,…).

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You want to create informative videos that solve a problem in your targeted niche.

If you’re able to do that, and then show people a link where they can obtain more detailed information, you’re actually using YouTube as a filter.

Here’s how this process works…

  • When people search for something, your video will pop up because you optimized it for the right the keywords.
  • The person will see the video title which suggests that they’ll get the information they are searching for.
  • The people who watch your video are therefore filtered and targeted.

You want your video to be no more than 5 minutes (these days people have an attention span of a firefly).

This is what your video needs to achieve

  • Establish yourself as an authority
  • Deliver informative and valuable content
  • Have a strong call to action to your solution (affiliate link or your own product)

So, how do we get started?

  • You need to start from a product that you want to sell.
  • This could be your own product or it could be a PLR product that you own.
  • It should be priced very reasonably (less than $15).

Then, you need to extract some information from that product. Look for the 2 strongest chapters of your product. These will serve as the start of your funnel.

-From 1 chapter you’re going to create a short report or cheat sheet (PDF).

-Chapter 2 will be turned into a video. (I’ll explain this later in the tutorial).

So your funnel will look like this…

Your YouTube Video ==> Landing page with Your FREE report ==> reasonably priced full product (less than $15)

This way, you will start building your list and know who’s buying (create a “buyers” list in your auto-responder).

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Does the fact that you need to make a video scare you?

Well it shouldn’t. When you do a search on Youtube, most videos are made by people NOT appearing on camera.

Sure, it’s always the best but very few people are confident enough to do it. But that doesn’t matter.

There is a way…

You can create videos that are “curation” style… Free to use images with text and a voice reading the text.
In the past these voice overs sounded like a computer, but nowadays these voices sound very human like.

You can find thousand of free to use images on PIXABAY and PEXELS.

Anyways, these videos are getting traffic and the end result will be the same.

So, is it difficult to make videos like this? Nope, it isn’t.

You could use the FREE Windows Video editor and use a FREE text to speech service like NATURALREADERS for the voice over.

Myself, I’m using a paid app called Vidnami which is worth every penny. It literally creates videos in minutes and the voice over sounds doesn’t sound to robot like (it needs to be seen to believe).

Using this software, anyone can make videos that rank high on You Tube in minutes.

You can sign up for a 14 day FREE trial and create as much videos as you like (Think about how many FREE videos you could create in 14 days).

How to optimize the video for the search engines…

So let’s assume that you finished making your video.

If your video has text and speech and it will if you followed the steps, you should always keep that text as captions when your video is uploaded because this will help to rank your videos in Google & YouTube.

Now you need to optimize your title, description and tags referring to your main keyword. You need to have a proper description, mentioning your keyword just the right amount of times.

You also need a strong call to action to make sure that people will click on your link. You can use the 3 tools below which are 100% FREE to use and there’s hundreds of tutorials online on how to use these tools.




Now all of this is like building your funnel backwards…

Starting of with a quality product that you can sell and use to create a video and a free report from it.

So, what to do if you don’t have your own e-book that’s ready to go?

Well the answer is simple, search for some high quality products where you can get PLR (Private label Rights) rights to.
This means that you are allowed to edit the products and call them your own.

So you will be tweaking and making adjustments to make the product unique. You need to rename it, make a new e-cover graphic and maybe create a new sales page.

Watch the video tutorial below if you want to learn how to rebrand your PLR correctly

When you’ve done that, set up your product on a platform like Warrior Plus or Zaxaa and add a buy button on your sales page.

You then need to make a landing page for your free report (that you also need a cover graphic for).
You can go to Fiverr and get you cover graphics made for you, or you could try to make them yourself using Canva.

I make them myself using a combination of Canva and Smartmockups which are both 100% FREE to use.

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So, and where do we get these quality PLR products?

Well…You could google for PLR products and buy these individually and you may get some bargains, but by far the best way of getting PLR products is by joining a PLR membership site.

This way you’ll always have an unlimited fresh supply of quality products in different hot niches. Below are a few PLR sites that I highly recommend if you’re just starting out.

100% FREE PLR website:

FREE PLR but limited upgrading is advised for high quality PLR:

High Quality PLR ( $3 for a 7 day Trial):

My gosh, we’ve covered a lot today.

If you do follow this model and build a few back-links to your videos on YouTube, you will get traffic to build your list and make sales.

The next step is to fully discover the tips and tricks of YouTube marketing experts and how they dominate their competition. You can discover their secrets in this FREE but full training course.

This course will take you to the next level and turn your YouTube channel into a money making machine.

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I hope that you learned something from this tutorial and put it into action.

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