How To Get Approved As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus

4 Tips that’ll surely help you to get approved as an affiliate on Warrior Plus

There is this common belief that getting started with affiliate marketing is dead easy. But is it true? Hell no, even a simple task as getting approved as an affiliate can be problematic, especially on the Warrior Plus platform. Most vendors simply ignore requests from new people, even if they’re genuine and capable affiliate marketers. Luckily, there are some effective strategies to get approved as an affiliate on Warrior Plus and I’m about to share them in today’s post.

How To Get Approved As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus
How To Get Approved As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus

If you are a new marketer on Warrior Plus you won’t have a proven sales record or any other statistics that can back you up. And that alone is the main reason for the vendors suspicion and distrust. That’s what every affiliate had to go through and it’s par for the course but nothing to be worried about.

You really need to understand that Warrior Plus is only a platform that you can use to sell digital products and it has absolutely no say in whether your affiliate request will be approved or denied. That decision lays solely in the hands of the product vendors.

Here’s the reason your requests get denied

It may come as a surprise to you but out of the thousands of affiliates on the Warrior Plus platform there’s only a handful that are capable to drive a stream of consistent sales. For every product that’s going to be launched the vendors get buried under a gazillion of affiliate requests.

Most of the time these requests come from newbies who don’t have a clue about how things work and they send complete nonsense or ridiculous notes with their requests. A lot of vendors on the platform are useless bums with a line of crappy products but they’re not idiots, they can smell a rat from far away!

When a new product is about to be launched, the ‘launch stats’ are the most important numbers for the vendor. A high conversion rate and an attractive ‘earnings per click’ number is what attract the bigger affiliates. And make no mistake here, a vendor will always go for five super affiliates instead of a thousand clueless newbies.

Get Approved As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus - No Junk Traffic
Get Approved As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus – No Junk Traffic

They fear that new affiliates will send junk traffic or cheap clicks which might affect their stats. So newbies often don’t get approved until much later into the launch or even have to wait until the launch period is officially over.

This is a vicious cycle and most newbies are trapped into it. While they need to get approved to build up a reasonable affiliate score, the vendor is looking for a good score before they approve these newbies.

As it goes, I did create some training on getting approved fast by using a pretty neat strategy, you might want to check it out over here.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, there are some steps that will drastically increase your chances to get approved as an affiliate on Warrior Plus.

Here’s what you need to do

If you want to get the vendors attention then you’ll need to put in some extra effort, so you’ll stand above the noise created by the masses of new affiliates. This is where most new affiliates drop the ball, they keep sending useless requests in the hope to get approved.

1.Open your Warrior Plus account early on

It’s highly recommended to open your affiliate account early on, even if you don’t have plans to promote anything yet. Vendors are really put of by affiliate requests from people who only joined the platform a couple of days before their product launch.

Your profile should reflect that you’ve spend some time on there and that you know the in’s and out’s of the platform. Also, make sure that you provide all the required information on your profile. There’s nothing worse than a half-assed profile that tells the vendors absolutely nothing.

2.Send a note with your request

When you ask for affiliate approval you have the option to send the vendor a request note. If you’re a proven affiliate with a good score, your stats will speak for themselves and the vendor will approve you without hesitation. In fact, once you’ve managed to build up an impeccable affiliate score most of the vendors will put you on automatic approval.

But if you’re a complete newbie without a score or track record, it’s imperative that you leave the vendor a note to show that you’re trustworthy and serious about promoting his products.

This is your chance to leave a good first impression of yourself to the vendor. Don’t be a lazy bum marketer and fill in that note to the best of your best abilities, you won’t get a second chance to make that first impression.

3.Get in contact with the vendor

Apart from sending a note with your affiliate request, you should always try to get in direct contact with the vendor either on Facebook or via Skype. Most vendors leave their contact details at the bottom of the JV page.

Make them aware that you’ve send an affiliate request and explain them how you’re going to promote their products. Always tell the vendor that you’re perfectly fine with delayed commissions. There’s nothing more hilarious then a newbie with zero sales demanding for direct payments.

4.Be honest in your notes

Be honest and don’t lie in your request notes. If you’re new to affiliate marketing than just admit it and don’t come up with unbelievable sales numbers on various other platforms.

Get Approved As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus - Do Not Lie
Get Approved As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus – Do Not Lie

Contrary to what you might belief, affiliate marketing is a small world and everybody knows each other. It just takes a mere minute to find out the truth.

Bold claims that you have an email list with 10.000 subscribers or a Facebook page with thousands of followers are laughable attempts when you don’t have the stats to back up your claims.

If you enrolled in a coaching program from another vendor, you should NEVER mention that in your request notes. You don’t know the reputation of your coach among other vendors and you might cut yourself short here.

What you should do is have a website or a YouTube channel where you provide value and have a following. This will make you look like someone who goes the extra mile and it will bolster your credibility as a marketer.

Provide the link to your website or YouTube channel in your request notes. By doing so the vendor can easily check your web properties and make a well informed decision on your affiliate approval request.

This may sound like a lot of work…and it really is. But it’s without a doubt the best way to make a good impression and it shows that you take this business seriously. If a vendor knows that you will do the work to run a proper promotion, they’ll be more inclined to approve you.

If you’re still not able to get approved for product launches, you can always request to promote products after the launch is over. Most vendors will not have any problems with new affiliates once the launch period is over because there’s no more risk involved for them.

Implement these four tips to get approved as an affiliate on Warrior Plus. As time goes by you’ll get approved for more offers and your affiliate score will improve massively.

Once this happens you’ll be seen as a credible affiliate marketer and vendors will come knocking on your door. That’s when things get real and your affiliate commissions start to skyrocket.

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