Biggest Affiliate Marketing Pitfall That You Must Avoid Like The Plague

Biggest Affiliate Marketing Pitfall – Number one reason why so many people fail with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate a steady income online. If you know what you’re doing than your earning potential is gigantic. Yet, so many marketers barely make enough to cover their monthly costs. Actually, over 95% of them never make a single dime. The reason for this is that they all make the same mistake. And it’s not just a minor mistake either, but this happens to be the biggest affiliate marketing pitfall that ALWAYS leads to failure. So, read this blog post attentively if you’re after affiliate marketing success.

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While not taking action is usually the reason, there are also plenty of affiliates who give it their best shot but still fail miserably. They do what needs to be done but they don’t see any results. It reaches a point where they can’t take it anymore and they just give up on affiliate marketing.

Here’s a cold hard fact for every new affiliate out there, people will only buy from you if they trust you. Building that trust might take a long time but it is the cornerstone of all sales and marketing. Why do you think that reputable brand name companies are able to make billions in sales? Yep, that’s right people like and trust them.

And guess what, affiliate marketing is no different. The visitor to your site needs to trust you. The subscribers on your list need to trust you and your judgment before they even consider to spend a single cent on your recommendations.

Open up the emails in your inbox, read ’em and you know enough. I mean, most affiliates are so desperate to make money that they hype up a product to a point where it gets beyond ridiculous. Their desperation is so obvious that it simply put people off.

In the make money online niche, marketers tend to mail for products each and everyday. Some of them even mail multiple times per day. To make things worse, they just load up the horrendous email swipes provided by the vendors. They can’t be bothered if the product is good or utter crap. Their only goal is to make a sale.

Unfortunately, most products in this niche are about as useful as a one-legged man in a running contest. Push button galore and traffic in mere seconds, all hyped-up hogwash on sales pages longer than the great wall of China. Once the subscribers have been bitten once, very often a huge chunk of them become twice shy. They’ll remember your name and either unsubscribe or never buy from you again.

Biggest Affiliate Marketing Pitfall - Push Button Traffic
Biggest Affiliate Marketing Pitfall – Push Button Traffic

And what did you achieve? Nothing, simple as that. You’ve lost all credibility…caused by desperation and greed. This is by far the biggest affiliate marketing pitfall. Hard as it may sound it’s the indisputable truth.

The goal to make as much ‘easy money’ as possible by bombarding your subscribers with affiliate promotions is a very short-term strategy. There’s even a term for it in this industry , it’s called churn and burn.

The reason it is called that is because your subscribers quickly become despondent and just stop opening your emails. So, the list becomes useless because it stops generating money. The only way to keep making money is by continuously adding new subscribers to your list.

To avoid this dead end strategy, you’ll need to be very selective in the products that you promote. You’ll need to provide a balance of value and offers. If your approach is only to sell, you’ll turn off the subscriber. If you take the slow and steady approach, the lifetime value of your customer will increase massively.

Your list will have a high retention rate and your subscribers will like and trust you. So, when you do promote something, people will believe you and your sales numbers will be incredible. Furthermore, statistics show that it’s 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

So, don’t treat your subscribers as numbers or an easy meal ticket. After all they joined your list because you promised them information and value. If you provide that information while promoting high quality products, you will get the sales eventually.

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