PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review – Done for you sales funnel

PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review – Complete list building and income generating sales funnel

Hello everyone and welcome to my PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review. PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ is a brand new product from Andy Waring and it will be launched on October 29 at 05.00 PM/EST.

PL Master Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review
PL Master Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review

PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ is a complete done for you business in a box but you will need a WordPress website to install the plugin and host all of your pages.

For the people who are starting to freak out on the fact that you’ll need a website, I’ve got some sad news for you, if this is an obstacle for you than maybe this whole make money online thing isn’t for you after all.

If you truly want to succeed online, you must have a website, you will need to build a list, you must learn some skills and you definitely need to work more than 15 minutes a day. Whoever tells you something different is blatantly telling you a lie in the hope to make a few dollars from another shiny object !

And PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ is the total opposite of a shiny object, this comes with a quality lead magnet to build your list, a high converting squeeze page, a video course with resell rights that you can use as your upsell, a professionally created upsell/sales page and monetized download pages. You can have your very own sales funnel in the highly popular PLR niche.

And all of this is included within the plugin. Once you’ve installed the plugin the only thing left to do is fill in the blanks to get your funnel up and running, and Andy takes you step by step through the whole process.

Another great benefit is that you can choose between a personal use license and a developers license. If you go for the developers license you have the rights to install the plugin on other peoples website which means that you can sell this as a service on places like Fiverr or Upwork.

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Who is the creator of PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’

Andy Waring AKA The Beginners’ Friend, is an online marketing veteran with more than 10 years of experience. He silently operates in the background running his business and is constantly building his list.

Andy’s list might not be the biggest but he knows how to engage and build rapport with his list. He has people on his list that have been with him for years and they are still opening and reading his mails. Andy is a superb email marketer who sells his own products through storytelling emails.

He doesn’t get involved in launch jacking and creating non products every 2 weeks, he truly hates that business model and doesn’t mingle with marketers who play that game.

On the other hand he regularly teams up with like minded marketers such as Val Wilson and Barry Rodgers to create products that offer real value for their customers.

PL Master Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review
PL Master Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review

What you’ll get inside the members area of PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’

  • Highly Attractive Lead Magnet : This comprehensive 36 page guide delves into what PLR is and how it can be used to great effect.
  • Simple Responsive Squeeze Page : A simple yet highly effective squeeze page compatible with any autoresponder.
  • Highly Related Upsell Product : A comprehensive 14 video course that takes people through all the do’s and don’ts of using PLR material. Learn from the content as well as earn from it.
  • Professionally Created Offer Sales Page : It puts new subscribers’ minds at rest by telling them their request was successful and the lead magnet is on its way to their inbox. The rest of the sales page then promotes your upsell.
  • Complete Download Pages : Each of the offers (free front end lead magnet & upsell video training) comes with it’s own download page.
  • Follow Up Emails : The emails are designed to get your relationship building off to the best start possible (as well as create more sales).
  • Plugin & Full Instructions : This funnel comes packaged in its very own plugin. And as simple as the set up is, you also get full illustrated instructions to make 100% sure you can get up and running asap.
  • Legal Page Requirements : You also get full instructions on how you can use free resources to create your own personalised legal pages for your funnel.

Watch The Plugin Demo Video From Andy Below

Plus you get 3 extra bonuses:

  • BONUS 01 AR Mail Magic Video Training : Learn how to to communicate with your list regularly and effectively.
  • BONUS 02 A Bonus Extra ‘Funnel-In-A-Plugin’ : This is another list building and sales funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin.
  • BONUS 03 The Funnel Source HTML Pages : Access to all the HTML and FTP files for people who wish to customize the funnel
PL Master Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review
PL Master Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review

Price And Funnel Of PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’

Personal Use at $12.97 and Developer Rights at $17

On November 2nd the price will jump to to $27 and $47

UPGRADE 1: AR Mail Genie v2 Email Collection at $47

These are a years worth of engaging emails. You also get a White label License to each and every email to really increase the value and your conversions.

DOWN SELL 1: AR Mail Genie v2 Email Collection without PLR at $27

You get all the emails but without the white label license.

UPGRADE 2: Complete Done For You Installation Service at $147 or $247

Complete done for you installation service.

  • The first option is for those who already have their own domain and hosting, priced at $147
  • The second option is, where Andy also set up the domain and hosting, this is priced at $247

Pros And Cons Of PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’


  • Completely done for you sales funnel
  • Everything is hosted on your own website, so no third party involved
  • Created by someone who is a specialist in building simple sales funnels
  • Very easy to set up, you’ll be up and running in no time


  • No training on getting traffic to your funnel, BUT I’ve got you covered with my bonuses


This is a completely done for you product with a complete sales funnel that is easy to set up and truly yours as everything is hosted on your own website. Perfect for newbies and more experienced marketers.

Get Access To PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ + My Bonuses

My Special Bonuses For This PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review

BONUS 1: Full WordPress Set Up Tutorial

In this over the shoulder video training you’re going to learn how to set up your very own WordPress site from scratch.

PL Master Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review

Bonus 2: 20 Quick & Easy Ways To Give Away Your Lead Magnet

In this guide you will discover 20 ways to give away your lead magnet and get visitors to your optin and upsell pages.

PL Master Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review

Bonus 3: Bing Ads Tutorial

Bing ads are a very effective and cheap form of paid traffic. In this training you will learn how to set up the perfect ad for high conversions.

PL Master Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review

Bonus 4: Facebook Messenger Bots Tutorial

In this guide you will learn how to set up and utilize messenger bots to get lots of visitors to your squeeze page.

PL Master Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ Review

Bonus 5: All Vendor Bonuses

All the bonuses provided by the vendor will be delivered inside the members area of PL Master Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’

Get Access To PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ + My Bonuses

If you choose to purchase PL Masters Funnel ‘Funnel-in-a-Plugin’ via my link, you’re bonuses will be automatically delivered inside your Warrior+ account. See the picture below on how to access your bonuses.

warrrior+ bonus access button
warrrior+ bonus access button

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