Most Common Marketer Mistakes Made By Newbies That Leads To Failure

Most common marketer mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to succeed with affiliate marketing

What I’m about to share in today’s post will be essential for your affiliate marketing journey. Avoid these three most common marketer mistakes and you’ll be halfway there on the road to success.

Every single day hundreds of newbies decide to take their chance and start with affiliate marketing. But the ugly truth is that over 95% of them will fail miserably and quit before they made a single cent.

The road to successful affiliate marketing is paved with good intentions, but also splattered with the carcasses of the thousands who have tried and failed.

Most Common Marketer Mistakes
Most Common Marketer Mistakes

This may sound harsh to you, and that was my intention… so let this be a wake-up call.

Far too many newbies believe that with barely any effort, they will be able to make a whopping five figure income online within a matter of months. They are lulled into a sense of complacency and are deluded into believing the promise of easy money.

They are befuddled by glorious sales copy and jump from one shiny object to another. In a short period of time they managed to rack up dozens of methods and strategies…but they become a master of none.

The truth is that success with affiliate marketing is just like success in any other endeavor. Affiliate marketing is a business just like any other brick and mortar business. It takes time, effort, sacrifice, sweat, money and dedication to see results.

You’ll need to give up a lot, learn more than you ever dreamed of, struggle and deal with piss poor results for a while, experience the pain of defeat many, many times… Do you think you can handle that? You do? Are you sure?

Well then, it’s time to take a glance at the three most common marketer mistakes.

1. Giving Up Before They Even Started

This major mistake will separate the winners from the losers. It’s a fact that you only lose when you quit… because quitting is an act of finality. Where else can you go from there? What other hope is there when you quit?

Affiliates who managed to succeed are the ones who quietly and persistently stayed on course even when the results were minor and the outlook seemed bleak. This the longest and most aggravating part of your journey… and it’s a test.

Once you pass it, you will be the affiliate that makes heaps of money. But remember, it will take time and effort to get there… so don’t give up too early.

Most Common Marketer Mistakes
Most Common Marketer Mistakes

2. Too Lazy To Learn

This affects the best of us. We’ve all been there, looking for shortcuts, thinking we could get away with it. Well, let me shatter that dream and bring you back in to reality. There are no shortcuts and easy paths in affiliate marketing.

You will need to learn the basics, whether you like it or not. Failure to learn what you need to learn will cripple your business and hamper your progress.

In the beginning, everyone says that they’ll do whatever it takes. Later on, when they realize that they might have to learn something new, such as using an auto-responder, they slowly try to escape by not trying to build an email list.

And let me give you another reality check, you will need a list. As a matter of fact, that same list will become the most important asset of your online business.

Here are some other necessities that you’ll NEED to learn:

  • Building a website
  • Basic SEO for organic traffic
  • Using several social media platforms to drive traffic
  • List building and using an auto-responder
  • Creating content, without content there will be no traffic. Period.

Take your time to learn what you need to do. If you’re really not keen to learn, you should outsource the job to someone who knows how to do it. On platforms such as Fiverr, Konker or Freelancer you will find qualified people to do the job for you.

3. Quitting Their Job Way Too Soon

Many newbie affiliate marketers hate their day job and they get online to earn a living because they can’t stand their day job. While this may be a valid reason, you should never quit your day job while starting an online business.

It will take time for your internet business to gain momentum. By then, the bills will pile up, you will be stressed out and the whole vibe you give off will be one of desperation.

Stay on your job till you’re making a consistent online income. If you reach the stage where your income is consistent, you may switch to a part time job or become a freelancer online. Once you are able to generate a steady income online that is equal to what you are earning at your day job or exceeds it… guess what?

You are ready to quit. Once again, this is a general guideline. At the end of the day, it will be your decision when you should quit. The rule is… you do not quit before you have made any money online.

I’ll throw in my last 2 cents for today.

If you are just starting out, then make sure to promote offers and products that will pay you a monthly recurring income.

Most Common Marketer Mistakes
Most Common Marketer Mistakes

Seeing money flowing into your bank account every month without doing the extra work will surely help to keep your spirit up. There’s tons of good quality products out there, and more importantly, these are things that every online business needs.

Here are a few examples of products that’ll pay you residual income:

  • Website hosting services
  • Auto-responder services
  • Social Media automation tools
  • Page builders
  • Membership sites
  • etc…

These are some of the most common marketer mistakes made by newbies. They are terrible mistakes that often doom the chances of success. Avoid them like the plague, stay focused, be consistent and above all never give up.

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