Lazy Commissions Review – A Real Eye-Opener For New Affiliates


Lazy Commissions Review – The Most Straightforward Way To Daily Commissions

Hello readers and fellow marketers, welcome to my Lazy Commissions review. Lazy Commissions focuses on how to get you to $100/day online with affiliate marketing starting from scratch. The course is based on solid fundamentals and is exactly what the creators of this course are doing to make a consistent income online.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing than this course has your name written all over it. Even more so if you keep falling for push button profits or useless buyer traffic apps.

These things do not exist. Never have and never will. And this brings us to the biggest flaw of Lazy Commissions – The name. This is definitely not for lazy bums but for people who are willing to take this serious.

Lazy Commissions covers all the online business fundamentals such as building a website, building a subscribers list, email marketing, traffic generation, and much more. This will take time and effort but in the end you’ll reap the rewards for all your hard labour.

For a limited time only you’ll be able pick up your copy of Lazy Commissions completely for FREE because it’s still in the pre-launch phase. The product is far from perfect, but Tim and Paul are working hard every day on improving it.

Currently the course only contains written content and a few audio-files. All the videos will be added to the members area shortly but don’t let that hold you back because the written content is packed with golden information and it’s truly affiliate marketing 101.

Once all the videos are uploaded Lazy Commissions will turn into a paid product. So grab this opportunity while it’s still available for FREE.

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Here’s what you’ll get if you take action today

Getting Started
The Foundation

  • Why 99% of People Fail
  • On Execution 
  • Affiliate Marketing Process
  • Value Ascension Model
  • Niche Selection
  • Required tools
  • Core Offer Selection
  • Affiliate USP & Bonuses

Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing Process
  • Important Concepts
  • Copywriting 101
  • Email Marketing Mistakes

Lead Generation

  • List Building Basics
  • Lead Generation & The Core Offer
  • Leadgen Mistakes

Traffic Generation

  • Understanding Traffic
  • Organic Content Marketing
  • The Perfect Website
  • Traffic-Pulling Reviews & Launch Jacking 
  • Paid Traffic
  • JV/Affiliate Traffic

Conclusion & Next Steps

Lazy Commissions Review - Members Area
Lazy Commissions Review – Members Area

Who are the guys behind this course

Truth be told, I don’t have the slightest idea who Paul Neidig is. Tim Ikels on the other hand – I know all too well. Both of us are regularly competing for the top spots on Google when we make a product review.

So I know that he’s promoting legit programs and talks the talk. He is an honest marketer from Germany and he has made around 6-Figures Online. To show you that he’s the real deal I’ll post a picture below where we are both competing for the same spot.

I outdid him in the Google rankings and he clearly won in the number of sales. Tim definitely knows his stuff and he shares a lot of useful information on his blog.

Lazy Commissions Review - Results
Lazy Commissions Review – Results

Price And Funnel Of Lazy Commissions

Lazy Commissions Review - Pricing

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Upgrade Offer 1: The Rapid Implementation Kit $7

  • DFY lead magnet in the MMO niche
  • 5 high-quality squeeze pages
  • Fully customizable bonus/bridge page
  • High quality auto forwarding thank you page
  • Value-driven 10 days email sequence

Upgrade Offer 2: Secret Affiliate Insider $27

Get access to a private group with a community of like-minded affiliates and online entrepreneurs.

Upgrade Offer 3: License Rights ($47) & Special License Rights ($97)

  • License Rights means that you can get 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel
  • The Special License Rights give you the 100% commissions but also your customers data

Should You Get This

Most definitely YES! You’re going to get a massive amount of knowledge that will put you on the right path to start a thriving affiliate marketing business. As long as the course remains FREE there’s absolutely no risk for you. When the free option disappears and the videos are in the members area, I’ll update this review and I’ll give you an honest opinion about the price versus quality.

I’ll be adding some extra bonuses when the course becomes a paid product. In the meantime, feel free to pick up any of the products that are listed on my Freebie Page.

That’s about it for this Lazy Commissions Review. If you have additional questions then hit me up in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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