Five Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips To Promote Your Online Business

Facebook Marketing Tips – The ultimate guide to get more eyeballs on your online business

I’ve heard many stories about marketing on Facebook. But as it goes, for every major success story, I’ve heard at least a tenfold of complete failures. The story is always the same, “Oh, I tried that, but it didn’t go anywhere so I gave up.” So does marketing on Facebook truly work? Without a doubt, Facebook is the world’s most visited website, and being noticed can be a big boost to your list building and your sales. But the trick is to have a game plan on Facebook, you need to know how to brand and market yourself. To help you out, I’ve put together a list of powerful Facebook marketing tips.

Five Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips
Five Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips

I’m not going to waste your time by reading a long and useless introduction, so let’s get started.

1. Create a page.

Sounds easy enough, right? Yet, most new marketers get things messed up from the start, instead of creating a page they’ve managed to create a profile. Unfortunately, a profile is not enough if your goal is to market your business on Facebook successfully. Pages are specifically designed for business purposes, so you should make use of them. Pages are much more effective at getting your message out there.

If you mistakenly created a profile, there is a way to convert your profile into a page. You need to use Facebook’s migrate tool, which allows you to easily switch from a profile to a page. And don’t worry, you get to keep al of your followers, so you won’t lose any business relationships that you already build up.

You can find Facebook’s migration tool over HERE

2. Brand your page.

That large image on your timeline needs to stand out. Take your time in designing that image because it’s the first thing people will see, and it will leave a permanent impression. The size you want to focus on is 850 x 315 pixels for an optimal viewing experience. It goes without saying, that it should reflect the message that you want to send to your followers.

If you are more a video kind of guy, you might want to consider placing a video in this area. The video will start to play with no sound the moment somebody visits your page. Things you must absolutely include in your video are your business and website information, and definitely a link to subscribe to your email list.

Facebook also allows you to have a “call to action” button on your page. Select the “sign up” option and direct visitors to your latest landing page, so you can start building your email list.

3. Promote your page.

If you have an email list, the first thing you want to do is place your page URL in your email signature. Every time you send out an email you’ll increase your chances of people finding your Facebook page.

Next, blog about your Facebook page. Don’t just ask your blog readers to like your page, instead offer them something in return for liking your page. This could be things such as an e-book, an info-graphic or a discount code for your products. Make sure that your “bribe” resonates with your readers. Now, add a “Like” option to your blog or website. Do not over-complicate this, just install one of the many freely available social media plug-ins.

Facebook Marketing Tips
Facebook Marketing Tips

If you create videos on YouTube to promote your business, then add your URL link to all your videos, either at the end of the video or at the beginning of the video description. It’s also a good idea to place your URL link in your YouTube channel art.

Do not forget to cross promote your page. By posting on other pages using your page’s user name, you get a visible link to your page with each comment.

4. Post frequently.

If don’t post on your page regularly, your followers will forget about you and go elsewhere. You should aim to post at least once or twice a day, and deliver valuable content, updates and questions. Don’t make it all about you and your products. Instead, post about events, news, your industry and so forth.

Always try to keep your posts short and sweet. Longer posts tend to be skimmed over and shorter ones tend to get read.

Make your post enjoyable, inject some humor and controversy. Facebook is not the place for a suit and tie kind of personality. Instead, be fun, be casual, be funny and make your page an entertaining, inviting place to be.

Get your fans involved with your page by starting discussions about your products and services. What’s the best way to start a discussion? Simply ask a provocative question your fans cannot ignore. But remember to remain professional at ALL TIMES, with no exceptions. If you are perceived as quarreling with a follower, it won’t matter if you’re right, it will only matter that you lost your cool and you look like a freaking idiot.

Ask your fans to like your content so it gets shared on their walls. But don’t overdo it as your followers will grow tired of it, just do it once in a while. When they like your post, automatically more people will see it, which can lead to more followers and that is always a good thing.

Facebook Marketing Tips
Facebook Marketing Tips

Forget the “I” and focus on the “we.” Much like writing a sales letter, making Facebook posts should be all about “we,” not I. For example, “We reached 500 likes today, thank you everyone!”

It would be ideal for you to use plenty of photos and videos. Written words are great, but it’s a fact that videos and photos get shared more often.

And don’t forget to pin your important posts. Facebook allows you to “pin” a post to the top of your timeline for as long as a week. Use this feature to showcase something important, such as a valuable article on your website or a new product that you’re about to release.

5. Keep track of your stats.

Use Facebook insights to know exactly how well your page is doing. Look at your stats and analyze them. This tool gives you an insight on things such as when people are most engaged with your content. This way you know when to post to get the best results.

If you’re lacking in a few areas, try a few strategies to overcome these issues. This might require more posts, better content or even a completely different timing. You’ll only know when you test it out.

Keep these five Facebook marketing tips in mind when building your audience on Facebook. Trust me, you’ll do a lot better than most pages or groups out there. Always remember one thing, be interesting, engaging, and above all be trustworthy.

Now, go get em tiger, because none of these Facebook marketing tips will help if you don’t go out there and use them to promote your business.

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