A Simple Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads

Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads
Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads

Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads – Make Money With ShareASale And AdClercks

Lets face facts, free traffic is a long term strategy. It literally takes forever to get results, especially if you’re just starting out. So, in this post I want to share a simple but very effective strategy for affiliate marketing using paid ads.

So yes, this will require a small investment to execute, however if you watch your numbers closely and you understand the math, you can make a killing with this strategy. It might not be for everyone, but for the right person, this could really pay off.

But first, you need to understand a couple of terms. Internet marketing jargon, so to speak.

EPC = Earnings Per Click

Essentially, this is how much you will earn on average everytime someone clicks on your link.

IMPRESSIONS = How many times a webpage or element of a webpage is used.

This is basically when someone visits a webpage or a particular section of a webpage, it counts as an impression.

CLICKS = This is a marketing metric that counts the number of times users have clicked on a digital advertisement to reach an online property.

When someone clicks on your advertisement, link or banner, that counts as a click.

When someone clicks on your ads

Alright…Now that you understand what those three terms basically mean…I want you to understand that you need to generate traffic in order to create impressions.

Got it? Good. Let’s get cracking.

Step 1 Create an account on AdClercks

If you visit a site called Adclerks, you will find a platform that specializes in advertising.

It has a large variety of websites in many different categories that you can advertise on for a small monthly fee.

The cool thing here is that each website that you can advertise on tells you how many impressions it gets per month and how much it will cost you to advertise on that website per month.

An example would be a site that gets 776k impressions a month and will cost $15 a month to have a banner ad on that site.

Now…that is your traffic mechanism.

Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads - Adclercks
Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads – Adclercks

Step 2 Create an account on Shareasale

Next I want you to head over to a site called Shareasale.

Shareasale is a platform like Clickbank or WarriorPlus where you can sell products as a vendor and promote products as an affiliate.

Go ahead and sign up for a free Shareasale account.

Next head over to the health category and find a good product to promote. You are looking for good EPC’s, high conversion rate, frequent sales, and decent commission rates.

Also, how long has the product been selling? The longer it’s been selling, combined with good numbers on those other things I mentioned means the more reliable and proven the product is.

Shareasale is going to show you this information. You just need to be able to know what you are looking at.

Once you find your offer, go ahead and scroll down to the button that says “Creative Preview” and you’ll be able to see the banner ads that you can use to sell this thing.

Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads - Shareasale account
Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads – Shareasale account

Step 3 Do the math

Once you get approved for the offer, it’s time to start getting the ads out there and making some money.

So head back over to Adsclerk and find a website to advertise on that makes sense for your offer.

Now the numbers matter here so listen up…

Let’s say you want to advertise on a website that will get you 542,000 impressions every month and for that you are going to pay $75/mo.

Let’s estimate that .01% of those impressions become clicks that will generate traffic for the product you are promoting.

Now that is very conservative and it’s the equivalent of around 54 people visiting that sales page of your product.

Now, let’s say your product has an EPC of $45.19. Well if you take those 54 people and you multiply it by the earnings per click you will get $2,440.26.

Next we need to subtract the amount that you spend on advertising, which is $75. That’s going to leave you with a total of: $2,365.26

So the numbers in this example make sense. Even if you cut the earnings in half, you still are looking at over a thousand dollars a month in profit.

The truly unknown variable here is how many impressions will become clicks.

We estimated our example at .01% but we see that if it was even half of that we would still make over a thousand dollars a month on an offer with around $45 EPC’s and a $75 a month ad spend.

Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads - Do the math
Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads – Do the math

Okay, so let’s run down the steps on this one:

1) You can find great products to promote on Shareasale. I recommend that you go for health products when using this strategy.

2) You can get your traffic from Adclerks.

3) Paid advertising is about testing. See what is working for you and what is not. Make sure the numbers add up.

4) Ditch the losers and focus on the winners.

5) Invest a percentage of your gains to scale up your campaigns and test out new products.

6) Rinse and repeat.

Optional – You might want to create a bridge page where you collect the visitors email address first before you send them to the sales page.

By doing so, you’ll be able to re-market to them over and over again and you’ll definitely increase your chances of making the sale.

Test your offers

Not sure if this strategy is for you – Here are a few things to consider…

There are barriers to entry with a method like this and that keeps your competition down.

What are those barriers to entry? I mean, I just made it sound easy right?

Well, let’s look a little closer…

First, it poses a learning curve. You have to figure out how to use Shareasale and Adclerks.

Second, it requires business math and critical thinking. You have to look at your numbers and understand what the heck you are looking at.

Third, it requires investment in advertising. Many people always want the free method. They are not willing to put an investment on the line to try something new.

These three barriers to entry will keep a lot of your competition at bay. The question now becomes, could this be the next big move in your online journey?

Well, that’s for you to decide.

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