Increase Your Profits Massively With These 3 Free Traffic Strategies

Increase Your Profits Massively – 3 simple but proven evergreen traffic techniques to drive traffic to your affiliate links

You know, most new affiliate marketers think can you send traffic to an offer and KACHING, money starts flowing in. After all, it makes sense, right. But like all good things in life it ain’t as easy as that. But today’s your lucky day, as I’m about to spill the beans on how to increase your profits massively with these 3 free traffic strategies.

Driving traffic to your offers is without a doubt the most important skill you must posses as an online entrepreneur, product creator or service provider. Even more so if you solely promote products as an affiliate.

How To Increase Your Profits Massively
How To Increase Your Profits Massively

Affiliate marketers drive traffic to their squeeze pages and the affiliate offers that they are promoting. Most affiliate marketers don’t indulge into creating products. Therefore they don’t need to create sales pages or deal with pesky customers. Driving traffic is their main job. And by all means, not any old traffic, but highly targeted traffic.

As an affiliate marketer you must know how to drive traffic constantly without fail. You absolutely need to master traffic generation. This doesn’t mean you should know all of them, but at least excel in a few to generate a constant amount of traffic to your links. It’s needless to say that the more traffic you have, the more conversions you can expect. Always remember that this is a numbers game.

Here are three highly effective traffic strategies… but you need to implement them accurately

1.Forum Marketing

One of the most efficient methods of driving traffic will be forum marketing. Forum marketing is also highly targeted traffic. There are lots of marketers out there claiming that forum marketing is dead and a waste of time. Well, they are beyond clueless and probably approaching it the wrong way.

All you need to do is join the most relevant forums related to your niche. If you’re in the weight loss niche for example, then you should join the weight loss forums and observe what people are talking about.

Learn the problems of the forum members and try to help them in any way you can. The key is providing useful information and adding value to the forum. The more value you add, the better a member you will be and people will be glad to have you around.

Next, you must have a catchy signature and use it in every post that you create. This signature should have a link that re-directs back to your squeeze page.

Do not draw any attention to your signature. If you contribute enough value, people will automatically be curious to see who you are and click on your link. This is human nature. If your offer on the landing page is good, you will have many opt-ins.

2.Facebook Groups

Another way of driving highly targeted traffic to your offers is by utilizing Facebook groups. This method is similar to forums, the only difference is that it’s on Facebook.

The same rules apply. Being an active member of the groups that you join and adding value to the group. After a while, you can contact the Facebook group admin and ask if they’d allow you to post a link to your squeeze page.

You need to customize your squeeze page so that it appears like it was made tailor-made for the group. If you do it this way, the group admin will feel like he or she has something exclusive for the group. This approach will increase your chances of getting your request approved.

How To Increase Your Profits Massively
How To Increase Your Profits Massively

3.Article Marketing

The third method of traffic generation is article marketing, but with a slight twist. You won’t be submitting your articles to directories. Instead, you will be offering high quality articles to websites in your niche. An important factor here is to only offer this service to websites that have high traffic.

If you have no writing skills whatsoever, you can always outsource this task. This will cost you a few bucks but you should look at it as a needful investment.

If you are in dire need of a good ghostwriter for your articles, you might want to check out The Urban Writers.

Once you have a few good articles, approach the owners of the sites and offer the articles free of charge. Just ask the webmaster to include a link back to your website at the end of the articles.

If you go for this strategy than you want to avoid using affiliate links in your article. Make it look like you’re offering value… and the truth is you are. Most websites are constantly looking for fresh and valuable content . They will be grateful. And you are giving it away for free, so who could resist.

These 3 methods if well-executed, can drive huge amounts of traffic to your site or products. There’s absolutely no reason to learn a hundred different methods. You just need to know a few good ones. The three mentioned above are excellent and will increase your profits massively as time goes by.

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