How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing From An Untapped Marketplace

This method involves a market place called ​Konker​, and was created by Alex Becker.

Konker​ is platform similar to Fiverr and provides jobs like marketing, graphics & design, programming and SEO.

But not to worry, this system is not about posting any gigs or perform services to make money with Konker

Konker has an affiliate program, so you can promote other people’s gigs as an affiliate, and you’ll get commisions for that.

The best thing is,you are not promoting a product, but you’ll be promoting a service in a niche, and this will be here for as long as there is Internet. So you’re going Evergreen!


STEP 1: Get your self a Konker account

Go To:

This is similar to other platforms, provide your name + email adress.
Confirm your Email address, and you’re done.

STEP 2: Set up your Paypal email

First set up your Paypal email with Konker in order to receive your affiliate payments.

Click on your username icon in the menu bar, and go to Account settings, there you will add in your Paypal email, and then click “UPDATE PAYPAL”. After that just follow the simple instructions to set up you Paypall.

Now you have opened your Konker account and your payment option set up, you’re ready to go find some services to promote.

Step 3: Find services to promote

Services that are always in high demand are:


-Web design

-Graphic design

-Video creation

Decide what you want to promote and then simply go to the weekly best sellers page and choose a seller. No doubt, there are many sellers out there, but we would want to promote only those that are both established and doing very well.

Always do a little research on the seller, just click on his ad and do the research:

-look at the sellers rating, you want to see a high score

-look at the number of orders in progress, you want to see a lot of orders in the queue

-look at fail to deliver rates, here you want to see very low rates , actually you want to see 0

-look at the refund rates, again here you want to see very low rates , actually you want to see 0

-look at his review rates, here you want to see lots of 5 star ratings

-is he offering any discounts, this is always a good selling point

If all the above are in place, then you’ve found yourself a good seller to promote!

So let’s go ahead and grab the affiliate link, just click the “Promote this service” button.
If anyone buys the service through your link, you will receive a commission of 17.5%

Step 4 : Promote your link on Facebook

Start joining Facebook groups that are related to your service. You should join at least 5 to 6 groups a day. Once you are being accepted into these groups, then its time for you to start posting.

But do NOT go about spamming your link in these groups, if you do that, you are going to annoy a lot of people and this will only lead to you getting banned from the group.

You should start off by writing some simple value posts. For example, if you found an interesting article then share it with the group. Write at least 5 of these posts to provide some value to the group members and gain their trust. Once you’ve done that, you can then begin to promote your Konker affiliate link to the group.

Your post should include an attractive title, a short description, an eye-catching image or photo and finally your affiliate link.
Another tip: use services like ​​ or ​​ to cloak your affiliate link.

Step 5: The Google Alerts Method

This method involves a seldom talked about Google tool, called Google Alerts.You are going to use this powerful tool to notify you whenever someone from around the Internet posts an article, a blog post or any content that is related to your niche.

Google Alerts will send you emails with the hyperlink to the page in REAL time the moment someone posts content on a blog, a forum or on a video site.

You will then simply go to these pages and post a nice little comment with your affiliate link at the end. You will be among the first to be notified when these new blog posts first hit the Internet… and you will be the first to comment on them!

But as always provide value in your answers, DON’T go spamming your links all over the place!

So let’s go ahead and set up your Google Alerts

Go to: ​

And then type in your keyword, i.e. your niche.

Next, click on “Show Options”

Set up the following options:

  • How often => As-it-happens
  • Sources => Blogs, Discussions
  • Language and Region => Leave them as they are
  • How many => All results
  • Deliver to => Select your Gmail address

Once you have set it up, click “Create Alert” and you are done!

Of course, creating just one alert is not enough. You would need to create more alerts based on other relevant keywords. Put on your thinking and come up more keywords related to your niche.

What’s so cool about this method is that the traffic will grow slowly and steadily. And as you put more links out there consistently, your traffic will grow.

You should at least post 4 to 5 comments everyday. This won’t take you more than 30 minutes.

STEP 6: The Twitter Search method

You all heard about twitter right, if you still don’t have an account, then go sign up for a free account.
And no, you are not required to make any tweets for this method to work. But you are required to have a Twitter account.

We are going to make use of their search function, type in a phrase that is related to your niche and click search.

FOR EXAMPLE : I need (YOUR NICHE) OR I need help with (YOUR NICHE)

You then will see many tweets related to your niche. Your job now is to reach out to these people by simply replying to their tweets.
One thing, do not sound too salesly. You’ve got to sound like you are offering genuine help.

You can write something like this:

Hey! I can see that you need some help with(YOUR NICHE). I do have an awesome resource that can help you out tremendously, just like it has helped me. Inbox me for details.

And when they reply, that’s where you share your Konker link with them.

So, here it is guys I provided you with 3 powerful traffic sources, but you can even take it to another level if you want! Think about it for a minute, we’ve got Instagram, Quora, Pinterest and Youtube for example, where you could promote your services. Really, the sky is the limit!

But always keep one rule in mind, provide some value first before promoting your link. And DON’T go spamming your links everywhere, because it will only result in failure.

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