Affiliate Marketing Profits Review – How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Profits Review – Learn the steps to set up a long-standing online business

Hey there everyone and welcome to my Affiliate Marketing Profits Review. Affiliate Marketing Profits is a brand new product from Carl Topping and it will be released on the 23rd of November 2020 at 09.00 AM/EST.

Before we start this review I want to make one thing clear. Affiliate Marketing Profits is for people who take this “make money online thing” serious, people who want to put in time and effort and build themselves a real online business.

If you’re looking for a product that claims to have invented the “easy money button” and that golden pots with money will fall from the sky, than Affiliate Marketing Profits is definitely NOT for you.

affiliate marketing profits review
affiliate marketing profits review

Affiliate Marketing Profits is jam packed with training videos, resources and tools that will teach you how to set up a sustainable online marketing business.

You are going to learn about branding, lead generation, email marketing, various models of Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, different marketing strategies, why you should not do direct linking,…and much, much more.

Once you’re a member, you also get reseller rights, which means that you can sell the product as if it was yours and keep 100% of the profits.

Carl really outdid himself here, as the 24 videos contain only valuable information. I’m easily putting this product up there with quality courses such as Project Restart from Kevin Fahey, Fat Stacks from Kam Jennings or Barry Rodgers Faststart 9.

Now you might think that with the reseller rights included in the front end that Affiliate Marketing Profits is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Well nope, actually it is very affordable but we’ll look into that later.

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Who the heck is Carl Topping?

Well Carl is a very experienced online entrepreneur. He started his online journey way back in 2004 and had a lot of different business models since then.

He truly believes that sharing knowledge an helping others is the key to online success. So there is no need to tell you that Carl is always there to help you out if you’re struggling with the subjects that he teaches.

Until this very day he is still involved in a lot of different things. He makes a full time income from affiliate marketing, product creation, coaching, membership sites, Facebook groups and his YouTube channel.

As you can see, Carl really is a “Jack of all trades” and therefore he’s the perfect teacher to start your own online business.

Affiliate Marketing Profits Review
Affiliate Marketing Profits Review

What you will get inside the members area

The course is split up in to 5 sections and contains 24 videos, you will get access to the main Affiliate Marketing Profits training, Steps To Passive Profits training, all the related Tools and Resources, a place to record your Personal Notes and access to your Reseller Rights.

Main Affiliate Marketing Profits Training:

  1. Welcome and tour around the members area
  2. Affiliate marketing explained
  3. How to brand your affiliate marketing funnels
  4. Direct linking vs lead capture and bridge page
  5. Facebook timeline lead generation
  6. Email marketing follow up part 1
  7. Email marketing follow up part 2
  8. Become a product of the product
  9. Bonuses for affiliate promotions
  10. How to create free Facebook advertising graphics
  11. Find Facebook groups for advertising
  12. Opportunity Facebook group strategy
  13. Facebook group engagement and leads
  14. Branding and curiosity marketing
  15. YouTube and affiliate marketing
  16. Product launch jacking explained
  17. Resources page strategy explained part 1
  18. Resources page strategy explained part 2
  19. How to download YouTube videos
  20. Importance of tracking and conversions

Steps To Passive Profits training:

  • Steps to passive profits explained + product to promote

Related Tools and Resources:

  • Info video about all the related tools and resources within this course

Record Your Personal Notes:

  • How to record your personal notes

Reseller Partner Program:

  1. Welcome to the reseller partner program
  2. Reseller partner program explained
  3. Email swipes
  4. Promotional banner graphics
  5. Bonus page template
  6. Marketing Methods
Affiliate Marketing Profits Review
Affiliate Marketing Profits Review

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Profits

  • Ideal course for beginners and more advanced marketers
  • Reseller rights included in the front end
  • There is a place to keep and save your personal notes
  • Carl has lots of experience and everything is well explained
  • Option to chat with support from within the members area

Negatives Of Affiliate Marketing Profits

  • There is a lot of info to absorb, so beware of “information overload”, take it easy and don’t jump on everything all at once

Price And Funnel Of Affiliate Marketing Profits

The Front End Of Affiliate Marketing Profits will cost you $17

( Affiliate Marketing Profits goes live on 23/11/2020 at 09.00 AM/EST)

Get Access To Affiliate Marketing Profits + My Bonuses


Contains all of Carl’s training courses that are about different reseller business models and marketing methods. You will also get access to tools, resources and ongoing updates. This also includes an advanced reseller partner program that includes complete training course funnels

Down sell 1: DIGITAL MEDIA PROFITS at $27

This course provides training, tools and resources that helps to get an understanding of how to start an online business by leveraging the power of Public Domain, Open Source and Resell Rights Products. Members also get Resell Rights to this course. 

Upgrade 2: FAST TRACK COACHING at $97

This is a one hour coaching session with Carl on Skype or Zoom to help you in moving forward in your business.

My Special Bonuses For This Affiliate Marketing Profits Review

Bonus 1: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

I’m giving you your very own product about affiliate marketing and it comes with Masters Resell Rights. You can use it for your personal use, sell it, use it as a lead magnet or as a bonus. This product comes with everything you need to set up a high converting sales funnel.

Affiliate Marketing Profits Review Bonus 1
Affiliate Marketing Profits Review Bonus 1

Bonus 2: Bridge Page Secrets

In the course Carl talks briefly about the use of bridge pages. In this guide you will discover the importance of bridge pages, and how to set them up and use them for the highest conversions.

Affiliate Marketing Profits Review Bonus 2
Affiliate Marketing Profits Review Bonus 2

Bonus 3 EZ Passive Paydays

In this over the shoulder video training you will learn how to set up and create multiple passive income streams. This course is a great addition to the Passive Profits training that you get from Carl.

Affiliate Marketing Profits Review Bonus 3
Affiliate Marketing Profits Review Bonus 3

Bonus 4: YouTube Ranking Ninja Play

In the main course Carl also talks about marketing on YouTube. With this bonus course you will learn everything about SEO on YouTube and you will know how to rank your videos to the top spots.

Affiliate Marketing Profits Review Bonus 4
Affiliate Marketing Profits Review Bonus 4

Bonus 5: Free Access To The Traffic Dominators Facebook Group

In this private Facebook group you will find tons of FREE training to get traffic to your pages. All the training is of high value and normally you would have to pay heaps of money to get this kind of training.

Get Access To Affiliate Marketing Profits + My Bonuses

If you choose to purchase Affiliate Marketing Profits via my link, then you’re bonuses will be automatically delivered inside your Warrior+ account. See the picture below on how to access your bonuses.

warrrior+ bonus access button
warrrior+ bonus access button

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