Avoid The Email Spam Folder By Implementing These 5 Proven Tips

How to avoid the email spam folder and automatically boost your conversion rates

Even in this social media era, email marketing still remains the most efficient and cheapest way to promote digital products. However, if you really want to succeed with email marketing, it’s very important that you know how to avoid the email spam folder at all costs.

In this post I’ll show you five proven tips that will get you out of the dreadful spam folder. Follow the guidelines below to stand out from the crowd, boost your email click-through rates and of course getting a lot more sales as a result.

how to avoid the email spam folder

1.Never use “image only” emails

You should never use “image only” emails but use text emails instead. First of all, emails with images will put extra loading time on the email servers, which will increase the time to process your email.

Secondly, most of the email servers will mark “image only” emails automatically as junk or spam , and this will lower the chances that your email is seen by subscribers.

2.Don’t put large attachments or download files to your mail

Emails with large attachments will also put extra loading time on the email servers. Some email servers will filter out the attachment in your mail and see it as a potential threat, or even worse, a virus.

Even if your lucky enough and your mail gets through, nowadays, most users are very sensitive to unknown email attachments and will not take risk to open them.

3.Avoid the use of fancy HTML code

I know that by using HTML code in your email, you have the ability to create a feature rich interface, however, not all email servers support HTML code very well.

Even email servers that claim they are supporting HTML code, are often a hit and miss . Would you really take the time and effort to produce a lot of mails, not knowing you’re subscribers are even able to read them.

Another big disadvantage of HTML code is that most email users set their settings to “Do not load image automatically” so your email will have many blank areas.

4.If you know your recipient’s name use it

This will raise your subscribers interest because they don’t want to skip any message which is personally directed to them. By using the recipient’s name you are in fact creating some kind of familiar feeling.

5.Always provide your sender address

Some email servers will automatically block mails with an invalid sender address, or just block mails from senders that are not in the recipients address book. So never hide your name, let your subscribers know who you are.

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