2 Simple But Powerful Strategies To Get Traffic From Reddit

How to get traffic from Reddit

As I am always testing the waters to find new ways to generate traffic, I forced myself to take a dive into the unknown and see if I could get some traffic from Reddit. To be perfectly honest, I was going in skeptical, but boy was I wrong on this one!

The image below will show you some proof of the clicks that I received, in the last 7 days, using the 2 strategies I’m about to share with you.

Traffic from Reddit

So without further ado here it goes…

We are either going to use our own profile on Reddit which is free. If you use this method, I’d suggest to warm up your account for a couple of weeks, by joining a few subreddit’s and deliver some useful content that actually helps people, so that your trust rate goes up.

Or we could pay someone on Fiverr that has a really juiced-up and trusted Reddit account to make some posts for you. Whatever way you choose, it’s going to work.

There are two strategies I like to use when posting on Reddit and try to ‘leak’ traffic to my web pages.

Strategy 1:

You need to act as if you are a third party, asking or looking to get information about a certain website. Act as if you are truly looking for advice, lot’s of people will see this and then visit the website you mention (Your Website) just to find out what it’s all about.

Here’s an example (I used internet marketing as example here, but this works in any niche) :

Hey Guys,

I really would like to learn more about internet marketing, I came across this site (www.yourwebsite.com) anybody heard of it before?

If anyone else has suggestions where they have learned from, please share! I’m looking to absorb all the info I can.


Strategy 2:

I like to call this the ‘ link drop sandwich’. Because we simply create a post where we mention helpful websites and then put our website in the middle. I suggest that you choose 2 authority websites in your niche and put your website in between them.

Here’s an example (for this example I choose SEO, but this works in any niche):

Hey all,

It’s amazing how much you can learn if you really put your mind to it. Over the past 2 years I’ve gotten really good at SEO. I haven’t done it ALL by myself though. I’ve learned from some amazing blogs on the internet.

These 3 are the most useful that I found:

yourseowebsite.com >>> (This is your website)<<<

I highly recommend anyone looking to get into SEO to check them out.

Let’s help each other out. If you’re into SEO and you have any blogs or videos, that really helped you out, please drop them below.


So these are the 2 strategies, and I’ll agree with you, they look simple stupid! But hey, sometimes simple stupid just works best.

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