The 5 Essential Tools That Every Online Marketer Needs

Today’s post is aimed at people just starting out their online marketing journey because I’ll cover the 5 essential tools that every online marketer needs.You can skip it, if you are an expert or an advanced marketer, you’ll probably have al the tools I’m about to mention.

These are all tools I use myself on a daily basis so most of them are paid for.
But as I am a stand up guy, I’ll also show you completely free alternatives.
Do keep in mind that free usually means that it comes with severe limitations, but hey, be my guest and go check them out.

The 5 essential tools every online marketer needs

Anyways, here are the 5 essential tools that every online marketer needs.

1) Autoresponder

An autoresponder is the most important key of your online business. Staying connected with your subscribers is fundamental.
Lots of people new to online marketing think it is useless to build a list, but they are terribly wrong! You NEED a list, start building one today and not tomorrow. Over the years I used several autoresponders, but in my opinion the best one is Getresponse. A few months ago I changed to a cheaper autoresponder, but after realizing my mistake I signed up with Getresponse again. There’s absolutely no reason to pay less if you lose the best features for email marketing. Another benefit is that Getresponse has all the tools to create successful campaigs, you can build landing and thank you pages, make sign up forms, hold surveys or you can even host a webinar, so there’s no need to invest in additional software. There is a free forever alternative called Sendsteed, but of course as it is free it also comes with limitations.

Paid option start $15/month

Join Getresponse over here

Free option

Join Sendsteed over here

2) Hosting and a website

Another common mistake made by beginners is their belief that they don’t need a website. Wrong again!
Just take a look at all the successful marketers and you’ll quickly find out that they all have a website. Your website is your hub, you’ll need it to get subscribers unto your list, it’s where you create value for these subscribers,it’s also where you’ll host your own products and most importantly you can do whatever you want content wise because it’s YOURS.
If you only rely on social media and youtube for example, well they can close your accounts for whatever reason and your business is GONE.
Nobody is ever going to close down your website unless you do it yourself. Besides that, building a website these days is child’s play, you don’t need to know anything about coding. Just get yourself a domain name and a hosting service, then install WordPress and you’re ready to start building your site. There are hundreds of WordPress website building tutorials on Youtube, so you have no excuse. Get started! I use Hostinger for my webhosting and you’ll get your first domain free of charge.
The free option for a domain name is Freenom and for free hosting 000Webhost, beware that these come with serious limitations.

Paid option start $2.89/month

Join Hostinger for hosting + a free domain name

Free option

Get a free domain name at Freenom

Get free hosting at 000Webhost

3) Graphic design tools

If you are like me and you love to create everything yourself, from banners to images, a graphic software design software is a must.
You can create anything you need in your business in a snap. Sometimes working alone on your projects is the best. I tried paying for freelancers, but results have been awful. I paid more than a $1000 for a sales letter that got me few sales. Crazy. Work on your own graphics, you can use a free tool called Canva which has all the features you’ll ever need. There are also multiple websites (Pixabay, Pexels,…) stuffed with free pictures you can use in combination with Canva. Another free tool you can use for your graphic design work is Pixlr.

Both are free options

Create A free Canva account

Create A free Pixlr account

4) E-cover software

If you want to design your e-covers yourself, there’s nothing better on market than Ecover Factory. It is the best for ease of use, for a low one-time price and it has all the templates you need. You can create eBook covers, report covers, video course covers, DVD covers, cell phone covers, tablet covers and much, much more. For the actual low price, it’s a gem you can’t miss. There’s also a free alternative called Adazing, but it has some limitations and is not very user friendly.

Paid option one time fee $ 27

Get E-cover factory here

Free option

check out Adazing

5) Evernote

The last important thing is to keep track on all your business expenses and earnings. I use Evernote to jot down all the payments I receive from Paypal, Stripe or other networks. By doing this I know exactly how much money I’ve made at the end of each month. You can use Evernote on a computer, tablet or a smartphone. It’s very easy to use and also available for free.

Free option

check out Evernote

So these were the 5 essential tools that every online marketer needs, if you start out with these tools you are already half way on the road to success.

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