How To Profit From Private Label Articles

Free content is great. I love how easy it is to produce content for a website in minutes by publishing free articles written by real experts. Another advantage is that it gives me the invaluable ability to profit from niches I really don’t know scratch about.

Lately I have been thinking about outsourcing my writing content creation. The only setback is the difficulty in finding good writers delivering quality articles for let’s say $5-6 each. And believe me , I’ve tried only to find myself wasting hours of time editing the articles to make them easily readable for my audience. So, I’ve given up on this and decided to look for better alternatives.

During my research for alternatives, I’ve found that private label content with limited distribution has exactly the right amount of quality and exclusivity I was looking for. Not every article will necessarily be used by all members of a PLR site. And to make an article even more exclusive, you can edit the article and give it your own personal touch. That’s the great thing about PLR you can do whatever you want . And the biggest plus for me is, is that the written content is much better than the content from every freelance writer that I’ve ever hired.

Here’s some cool ideas on how to profit from PLR content

Start a blog.

Instead of publishing the same free articles everyone else is using, or the news you have just read on some other blog, try to give it some real appeal. Monetize your blog with affiliate offers and build up a passive income. Forget everything you know about SEO and generating traffic, instead build value. Use your blog like a business card. Establish relationships in your niche by posting interesting comments on other blogs. Link your blog in related forums, use it to easily get into other peoples networks without spending a dime on paid traffic to your online content.

Use PLR to build your email list

First set up an autoresponder and create a free lead magnet with your PLR. Put your name as the author of the course and build a small but valuable pdf report. Use it to capture subscribers to your list and brand yourself like an authority in your niche. Offer your prospects a good reason to remember you and your business.

Build laser-targeted content for Adsense

Because you have the right to change everything in the articles, you can edit them to get better targeted high-bid Adsense search terms. As you don’t have to publish the original authors resources, or any other links he put in the article, you will be able to keep the traffic on your site, or drive it to where ever you want in order to make money.

These are just 3 simple examples of what you could do with QUALITY PLR.

I really hope you see the immense value! It’s practically like writing your own articles. Thus, you can focus on making money and not writing blog posts all day long .

In need of some quality PLR but don’t know where to get it?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Check out the PLR store below . They offer both free and paid PLR in any niche you can possibly think of. Beware that the free stuff isn’t always of the highest quality, but the best thing is, is that their payed options will not cost you an arm and a leg either. Click the link below to check it out.


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