How To Get The Most From Your Squeeze Pages

The term squeeze pages or landing pages have been around for a while but its true value is only now being realized by most. Most affiliate marketers are faced with the dilemma of building subscriber lists to create more sales and ultimately a long term business. As an affiliate marketer you do not have access to the details of people who bought the products you are promoting, that is in the hands of the owner of the product.

It is a fact, that sales come from a list of interested buyers.

When you know which people are interested in what type of product you have to offer than you already won half of the battle. Building these specific lists is the main benefit of using squeeze pages. When you are selling different products as an affiliate, you should have different lists and different information for all of them.

If you create squeeze pages for every product you are selling, your subscribers will be targeted.

This means that if you are promoting a product that has to do with keywords, all people subscribing through that squeeze page will be looking for easier and better ways of finding keywords.

There’s a good chance that they will also have a keen interest in SEO products and products related to Adsense.

So you are able to easily nail down your different niches and the subscribers who are interested in very specific products.

One thing many marketers do, whether it is right or wrong, is the moment someone subscribes to their list they blast them with promotions in every single mail they send out. It feels like a sudden flurry of products thrown straight in your face with every email you receive. You judge if that works or not.

Although your subscribers have a keen interest in the products that you offer them, they also subscribed to get valuable information.

This is what you promised them when they subscribed to your newsletter. If all your newsletters are just sales pages disguised as informational emails, how long do you suppose they will be reading your emails for?

If you want to build a good customer base you should first build a relationship with your subscribers. Once they feel they know you, and you know what you are talking about, you will be able to sell to them successfully and they would not mind buying from you. You can do this by sending out emails that gives valuable and useful information. Do not make any major sales pitches in your first emails, keep them simple and informative.

Next step is to give them the information they requested through your newsletters. Then either create or find a good product that would fulfill their needs and market that product to them.

It is not all about selling but is all about building relationships with your subscribers. Just like you don’t like to be sold to with every email you receive, neither do they.

So create your squeeze pages and build relations with your subscribers, the money will follow eventually.

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