How to get an ongoing stream of automated FREE traffic

This little trick can bring you loads of extra traffic over an extended period…

…and it’s very easy to set it all up.

I’ve been using this trick myself and it brought me some stellar results

First, you will need to have a list building sales funnel to use it.

You know what I mean, a squeeze page offering with a no cost lead magnet, with an up sell for anyone who subscribes.

You will also need to be able to sign up affiliates.

This can easily be done if you set up your offer on a marketplace like Warriorplus or JVZoo.

To attract affiliates you must make sure that you have up sells in your funnel with a decent commissions.

When you have all of the above, you just need some little additions.

On the free lead magnet download page, add a subtitle saying something like this:

‘Earn Some Easy Cash By Giving Away My Free Guide’

Add some info to tell them that they just need to tell their friends about the offer and the potential to earn a commission from every sale in the funnel.

At the bottom ad a link to sign up as an affiliate for the offer.

That’s it, you’re done!

This is EXTREMELY simple to set up…

…and yet it’s a great way to attract affiliates.

Every person who signs up for the offer is a potential affiliate…

…and every affiliate could possibly bring you a lot of free traffic.

By doing things this way, you are creating a viral element to your traffic

This will massively increase the number of people viewing your offers.

So, if this is something you don’t do now, make sure you implement it into your funnel…

…and just watch your traffic multiply without much effort.

As I say I have been collecting leads like this for a long time, and I get new subscribers on a daily basis.

Enjoyed this little tutorial but don’t know where to get started, then I suggest you get started with some quality PLR

Rebrand your PLR : rewrite it, curate the content, put some copyright free pictures, upload some extra videos, change the sales page… and so on. Another idea would be to mix up several products, keep the best parts and create your own unique product. As a matter of fact with most of the PLR you can do whatever you want in order to create your product.

I’ve done this several times and I highly recommend this PLR store


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