How To Get A Good Rank On Google

For most website owners, few things are more important than getting a good rank on Google.

Why? Because it’s simply the best way to get new visitors, subscribers and customers to your site.

If you’re buried somewhere on page 25, you aren’t going to get the traffic you want.

So the first thing that you want to do to get a good page ranking on Google is to be sure your site isset up correctly. This involves setting up your pages with the correct tags and such so that the web crawlers and spiders can easily find you!

Another important aspect of getting good Google rankings is to link your siteto other high-profile sites. The spiders like sites that are well connected, but you don’t want to link to just any other sites out there. You want to choose sites that are closely related to your business or service and are sites that are also highly ranked on Google.

The number of pages on your site is also another important part of getting a good Google ranking. Opinions vary as to just what constitutes an appropriate number of pages to attract the spiders, but it’s safe to say that the more pages you have, the more opportunities there are for you to be found.

You will also want to submit your website to the Open Directory Project. Google tends to favor websites that are listed here. Make sure to have your most important keywords in both your description and title. It’s generally considered best to submit your index page. Don’t fall prey to the desire to over submit your website information, as Google can penalize you for doing this.

Finally, and perhaps most important, remember that content rules when it comes to both Google ranking and returning visitors. You want your website content to be informative and keyword enriched.

The use of keywords in your content often is another way to increase the chances that the web spiders find you. You want to be sure to at least have your keyword in the title and first sentence. After that, you want to see that the main keyword, along with similar variations are included in your post.

Be careful, though, not to go too heavy on using keywords. Google can penalize you for this as well. Plus, keyword stuffed content often doesn’t make good reading for your visitors and can turn them off completely. You want your content to be both reader and spider friendly.

To make sure you have your web pages optimized, you will want to read as much as you can about the use of keywords. If you’re not a writer or the keyword density rules give you a headache, you can outsource your writing to get the job done fast.

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