How To Easily Create A Landing Page That Works

We all know that besides your website and your autoresponder, your landing pages are the most important asset of your online business.

If you have ever tried to make some good landing pages, you will know that you need to test and retest your pages to make sure they convert. One of the best ways to make high converting landing pages is to look at what other successful internet marketers are doing online and copy them.
Another place to get some great ideas from are women’s magazines. Some women’s magazines have the very best writers on their staff, so it’s a great place to look for ideas when you need to come up with headlines. A smashing headline and some good content and you’re on your way to make a great landing page that converts visitors into buyers.
Nothing is more frustrating than having a lot of web traffic but getting very few leads or sign-ups. If you are able to put together a simple web page with a good clean design you can make a great landing page.

Here’s an example of one of my highest converting landing pages

Keep it stupid simple for the best conversions!!!

You MUST keep your content very simple so all readers can understand your page. Landing pages are NOT the place to impress your readers with your extensive vocabulary. You NEED to use simple words and a simple sentence structure. Make your headlines bold so readers can scan the page quickly. Bullet points are a great way to use if you’re trying to explain some benefits or features of your offer. DON’T try to write a novel, keep it short in order to make your point . Try to keep the background plain and simple, there’s no need for background movies or fancy pictures. The call to action of your page should invoke a deep interest from your reader .

Never try to do more than the 7 guidelines below

-Bold Headline

-Some eye catching content

-Bullet point of some benefits

-Call to action


-Test conversions and make changes

-Retest pages

Follow these 7 guidelines and you will have a landing page that works

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