How To Earn Passive income Online

The fact is that most people make money by working a job 40 to 60 hours a week. This is called generating active income. But what about generating passive income?

There are people who have figured out a way to create money without actively working all the time.

Although, generating passive income on the internet may seem like a pipe dream to most people, but it is not.

It can be fairly easy to generate passive income on the internet, as long as one realizes that it does require some effort, especially in the beginning.

This article is about the number of ways you can generate passive income online.

What ispassive income

What is passive income? Passive income is income a person gets from a business or product they own but are not continually, and actively involved in. For example, if a person bought an apartment building they are not necessarily involved in the day-to-day operations of it.


E-books are a good way to make passive income online. Most e-books are fairly easy to produce. They can take anywhere from a couple of hours, days or months to write, it all depends on the person.

To create an e-book, a person will need some e-book software, a website, and a way to market their book. The topic of your e-book can vary but quite a few fall into the “How to” category. If you have an idea that does not fall into that category don’t let it stop you from creating an e-book and trying to sell it online.

Audio or Video products

Audio or video products are another way to generate passive income online. A person can commit their book on “How to” approach life, career or love on audio CD or a video. If you already have an e-book, to generate more passive income, create an audio or video product of it.

Affiliate programs

If a person is interested in this, all they have to do is set up their own website that is specifically caters to selling other companies products. The company whose products you are selling will provide everything: products, tracking the sales, while giving you a commission for each product you sale.


Referrals are another way to go to generate a passive income. All a person has to do is create a solid base of people who offer services or products related to your business, and every time you refer their services you will receive a commission.


Everyone wants to figure out a way to make money even while they sleep. The ideas listed above are just a few ways to generate a passive income. Although, they requires some work and maintenance, they are never-the-less good places to start earning an online income .

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