How To Create Your Own Monetized Sales Funnel Absolutely For FREE

You probably guessed it already by reading the title, this post is all about how to create a monetized sales funnel in order to build up a targeted and responsive email list.

But the best part is that you don’t have to do the work yourself. I’m going to hand you a report to build your list and make sales. This report is 100% FREE and comes with full rebranding rights!

Yep, it’s true… Not only can you grab a free copy, you can rebrand it with your links as well!

Now your next question might be “How the heck Am I going to rebrand this thing”?

I kinda knew this would come, so I’ve totally got you covered on that as well.
The download page comes with it’s own viral PDF rebrander, how cool is that.

Just paste in your Clickbank and JVzoo affiliate name into a form…
…Then click the magic button to rebrand your report, and you’re done!

How to create a monetized sales funnel

Now you can download your branded copy or even just use the link where your branded copy is stored on my server. That way, you don’t even need to upload it anywhere, I take care of that for you too!

This report is all about creating funnels and how to make profits from them. With the Giveaway AND Rebranding Rights you can use it as part of your own funnel to build your list. As a matter of fact, there are even more ways to use this monetized sales funnel.

Here’s How You Can Use This Report

How to create a monetized sales funnel

I’m definitely going to use this myself as yet another lead magnet to build my list…

But if you’re lucky and did happen to find this offer on my blog post …
You can have it all without having to subscribe to anything…
So you better take action right now before I change my mind!

As you can see I’ve got everything covered here. Just click the button below and secure your 100% FREE access to Sales Funnels Simplified. Oh, one more thing though, this won’t be FREE forever, so if I were you I’d give that button a good old slap ASAP!

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