5 Common Excuses Beginners Make When They Fail Online

5 Excuses beginners make when they fail online and say that “it’s all a scam”.

Every year, many people try to make an income online because it seems so lucrative and easy. The dream of making money while you sleep or sip cocktails on an exotic beach is irresistible. Being able to quit the 9 to 5 and tell the boss to shove it, is a fantasy that many people have when they enter the game of online marketing.The sad truth is that most of them fail miserably. In this post we’ll look at why they’re not succeeding and the excuses beginners make when they fail online.

They’ll spend tons of money, running around in circles and never make a dime. While a lot of it is part of the learning process, the most common reason most beginners never get past the initial hurdles, is due to the pity excuses they tell themselves.

Contrary to what most beginners belief, starting an online business is never quick and easy. If you want to make it in this game you’d better be prepared for some hard work. It literally takes blood, sweat and tears before you see any results.

excuses beginners make when they fail online

Here’s a look a brief overview of their self pity

1.I tried it all and it didn’t work for me

This is first excuse they’ll always use. “I tried it all… but I didn’t get to see any results!” So, yeah it’s all a scam, right? Wrong! In most cases, they probably tried it once or twice and quit.

To make it online, there is a steep learning curve. Failure is just a part of success and not the opposite. You’ll need to try more, try harder and don’t give up so easily.

If you published one Kindle book and expected it to become a bestseller overnight, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Keep trying until you learn the ropes, only then you will start seeing the money rolling in.

2.Others will think I’m dumb for doing this

This fear is real especially in the make money online niche, where you’re creating products and there is always the possibility that your product may flop big time. All eyes are on you. What do you do? All your efforts gone to waste. You don’t like to be judged by others… so you do nothing!

As a matter of fact it doesn’t matter what other marketers’ might think because when you do succeed, all failures will be forgotten. Now they all want to become your new best friend just to figure out how you did it. You’re going to be judged anyways. So, just do what you need to do.

3.It’s not for me

Seriously? There are a ton of ways to make money online and none of them suits you? You don’t want to write books because you dislike writing. OK, that’s fine. But how about domain flipping or eBay? Don’t like those either?

No problem. How about video marketing, social media marketing, creating niche sites or freelancing? You have so many choices.

Find one that you like and learn everything about it and you’ll become an expert in them. There is definitely a method out there that will suit you.

4.But, John tried it and he failed!

Just another lame excuse. Looking at someone else failure and automatically believe that the same thing will happen to you isn’t logical.

You may do a way better job than John did, whoever he may be. Your work ethic may be much better. Maybe you are more dedicated. You might have skills that John doesn’t have.

Don’t think that because someone else tried and failed, the same will happen to you too. Have some faith in yourself.

5.The timing is all wrong

There’s an old Chinese saying, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” This quote should tell you enough.

If you want to succeed online, the time is now. There’s no need to wait, just get started. If you’re thinking, “It’s going to take me 5 months to set up a proper business!” Ask yourself this simple question – What’s going to happen at the end of these 5 months? The answer will be nothing.

Don’t let the duration of the task scare you off. If you start today, in 5 months you’ll probably be making money. If you don’t take the first step, 5 months later you’ll still be where you are today, looking back and wish you had just done the work.

These were the 5 excuses beginners make when they fail online. And make no mistake, this is exactly what hold back thousands of people. They can’t overcome their negative thought patterns. Instead of focusing on how they can do it, they’re focusing on why they can’t do it.

Action taking is fundamental to all success… and all success comes after you stop making pity excuses. So, get your heads up and start to take action today.

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