How does affiliate marketing work

If you are here to find out how affiliate marketing works in this post, then I have to disappoint you, and refer you to my other posts on this blog.

Today will be more of a rant than anything else! Seriously, I’m pissed and tired of seeing what’s going on in this make money online space!

Regularly (read every day), I receive mails from my subscribers asking me for help with one of their “shiny objects” that they bought from one of the “circle jerk” affiliate marketers, either because it doesn’t work , the promised software is full with bugs and last but not least, they can’t get in touch with the support team of the vendor!


If you are one of those people getting bombarded with ten mails from one affiliate promoting 3 different products on the same day, I got one word for you all UNSUBSCRIBE!!! If you’re being promoted stuff like : make up to $1000/day with 60 seconds of work or load up my DFY funnel and push the button to get unlimited traffic and sales, than UNSUBSCRIBE!!!

These kind of affiliates are the worst, they will promote anything!

They are probably so desperate that they would sell their own mother for a commission of $10! And they sure as hell know that the product they are promoting isn’t going to work, they just don’t care! How can these people sleep at night!

And don’t get me started on the product creators of these gobshite products, you know the ones who are shitting out another new goldmine every 2 weeks!

Stay away from them and don’t spend another cent on their crap!

The only reason they release so many products is to rebuild their email list, that they burned out by promoting other crap from their friends! You know how it works, if you promote my product than I will promote yours, and on it goes!!!

Really guys, UNSUBSCRIBE and STAY AWAY from these people, making an online income takes time and effort, unfortunately there is no push-a-button and unicorns come flying in with bags of money system.

The cold hard truth is, you do need a website, you do need an email list, you do need social media followers, you do need to learn about paid traffic, if you want to succeed with affiliate marketing.

And the best advice I can give you is, to follow or buy products from respected marketers who actually practice what they preach like Adam Payne, James Scholes, Chris Mollo, Kam Jennings or Andie Brocklehurst just to name a few.

To help you out, I’ve decided to write a short weekly post on products that are going to be released during that same week. In that post I will talk about products that are worth your time and money, what products are so so, and what utter crap you should avoid at all cost.

Hope this will help and I apologize(not really) for my rant.

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