Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 Review + Special Bonus Package

This system is everything you need content and training wise to make an income online, and it shows you how to set everything up in a completely automated manner . The Evergreen Wealth Formula is very easy to follow and implement as James takes you by the hand and walk you through the entire process.

Here’s a quick video of what to expect inside the Evergreen Wealth Formula:

EWF 2.0

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There’s no content creation required with the Evergreen Wealth Formula. James Scholes has created all the content for you. He wrote all the posts, sales copy, website content… Everything, really. James supplies all the websites you need, you can either use them as they are or edit them how you want them to be . Yes, the Evergreen Wealth Formula uses duplicate content, but it’s not an issue.

The only time duplicate content is an issue is if you’re ranking your site in Google and The Evergreen Wealth Formula doesn’t use Google as a traffic source. The traffic methods James Scholes teaches are far, far superior in my opinion. The traffic methods are easier to implement and deliver faster results than using SEO and it’s a lot easier to scale up than SEO too.

The support you get is simply amazing . Everyone who signs up, gets free one on one email support with him personally for life. I’ve tested this out by emailing him and he responds back within hours – sometimes minutes. You can also leave messages in the member’s area and James will get back to you there too.

The Evergreen Wealth Formula is fully automated. To be honest, I was sceptical about this. However, after going through the course, my mind was put to rest as I could see how everything worked. It will take some time to setup but it’s definitely worth it. After you’ve done that, you can duplicate the process again and again to scale up your traffic. So you’ll be able to scale up the traffic fairly quickly to get the results you desire .

The last but also very important fact is that James is regularly updating the Evergreen Wealth Formula to make sure the methods always work. The original Evergreen Wealth Formula was originally launched 2013!  James has been constantly updating the course and members have been getting free updates since. To me, this shows how committed James is to the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

What’s also good to know is , there are NO upsells ,NO downsells or No recurring monthly fees here . What you see on the sales page is what you get and believe me , that’s a lot . A business model that works and lifetime email support from James!!!

The Evergreen Wealth formula currently sells for $197. I know it isn’t the cheapest but it certainly isn’t the most expensive, if you think about what you’re getting in return. You’ll be getting a full business blueprint which you can use for years to come .

And truth to be told, I’ve seen a lot of more expensive courses that promised you everything but in the end delivered nothing.

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