Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Successful Online Marketer?

There’s a question that frequently pops up in my e-mail inbox. What is the fastest and most easy way to make $100 a day online?
I always reply and ask: How much are you making at the moment and what did you do to achieve that? The answer is always the same, they earn absolutely nothing and they bought a product that promised them fast and easy money without a website, an e-mail list, a social media following or any other of the technical stuff. I get back to them and tell them to stop waste your money on these worthless products, and start doing the total opposite of the nonsense splattered on these “shiny objects” sales pages. Go and build yourself a website, build up an email list and start to grow a following. The real question here should actually be: Do you have what it takes to become a successful online marketer?

do you have what it takes to become a successful online marketer
do you have what it takes to become a successful online marketer

There are hundred and one ways to make money online, but unfortunately, without the right mindset you’ll earn exactly nothing.
The real difference between a winning and a failing online marketer, lies not merely in how they do things but what drives them in their actions. You can try dabbling around with a gazillion ways to earn money online but in the end without a winning mindset, you’ll have zero chances to become successful.

Then what are the qualities you need to have to answer the mind boggling question, do you have what it takes to become a successful online marketer?

Well, I’ve made a list with the key pillars of a winning mindset. If you lack any of them, you might as well give up now on that dream of making a job replacing income online.

But first listen to what Chuck Nguyen, the creator of My Online Startup, has to say about people that are constantly failing online.

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1.You’ll need to have an end goal.

The fuel to being successful online must be fired by what you want to accomplish at the end. You need to have an end goal, what is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to gain financial freedom? Or do you to want to have more time to travel around the globe?
Maybe your goal isn’t to become filthy rich but you just want to lift the financial burden of your loved ones. Or maybe you’re waiting for the day to tell your boss that you quit the job.

Whatever your end goal may be, if you don’t have that burning desire to earn money online, you will fail miserably. This desire is what feeds your motivation to start the work and get it done. So decide on what your end goal is and let this be the fuel of your success.

2.Focus is the key.

There are a multitude of ways to make money online. You can become an affiliate to sell other people’s products, you can engage in an online MLM business opportunity, you can be a service provider or you can create your own products and sell them online.
But whichever business model you may choose, it all comes down to focusing on your efforts. The moment that you dip your toes into the internet marketing sewer you’ll be bombarded with a myriad of business opportunities on a daily basis. They come fast as a shark, it seems like an endless sea of possibilities.

Every other day, your email inbox will be stuffed with new business opportunities that claim to be the “next big thing”, along with all the smooth talk to persuade you to “jump in before it is too late”. But the truth of the matter is, these business opportunities will never run out, but the amount of time we have will. There’s only 24 hours in a day and we can only do so much.

You need to focus on “The Big Thing” that you’re already working on instead of jumping in on the “next big thing”. You only need one “Big Thing”, put all of your energy and focus in that one thing, you won’t regret it.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Successful Online Marketer
Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Successful Online Marketer

3.Have some patience.

There’s no such thing as fast and easy money in this business. Whoever tells you something else is blatantly lying through their teeth.
Many newbies seem to believe that if they try something that promises them a pot of gold, they can do it in a matter of days. And if they fall flat on their face, it’s never their fault but the method isn’t working and they just give up. I’ve got some harsh news for you folks, this is not how it works.

Of course there are plenty of scammers in this space that are only interested in draining your bank account as quickly as possible.
However, in most cases, the reason for your failure is simply the lack of patience. You need to work hard and be consistent if you want to earn a living online. Have some freaking patience, work on your business each and every day and your efforts will be rewarded. This is not a hobby!

4.Take action

Finally, you’re armed with a burning desire, you’re focused like never before and have the patience to go all the way, you still need that one but most crucial ingredient that leads to success. You need to take MASSIVE action and be prepared to do it every single day.

You cannot win this battle with a positive mindset alone, you must be eager to put in some MAJOR effort and commit yourself to do it daily, only then you will start to see MASSIVE results.

Seriously, take the time and look back on what you have done until now. Do you really have that burning desire to succeed? Are you focused enough and did you refuse to jump in on whatever new opportunity that came along? Did you have the patience to work on something consistently? And finally, did you take MASSIVE action to turn your dream into a reality? If you’ve answered with a loud and clear “YES”, then you are well on your way to become a successful online marketer.

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