Content Samurai Review – How To Create Awesome Videos Easily

Welcome to my Content Samurai review. In this review I’ll explain exactly what you can expect from Content Samurai and if it is worth your money.

content samurai review- how to create awesome videos easily

First let me start by telling you that Content Samurai had a name change and is now known as Vidnami.

Now if you always wanted to create stunning videos but you didn’t due to the fact that you don’t want to appear on camera, then stick with me, because during this review I’ll explain how Content Samurai solves this problem.

There are a lot of softwares claiming that you can create marketing and Youtube videos with ease but most of them are nicely said mediocre.
I tried several of them and they were either difficult to use, didn’t have the features that were advertised on the sales page, took me more time than creating a google slide video or just had so many bugs that they didn’t work at all.

So what is Content Samurai And why is it different

Content Samurai is an online script to video software that helps you to create professional-looking videos fast and easily. There’s no need to appear on camera which makes this very attractive for people that are camera shy.

Content Samurai is a part of Noble Samurai who created the keyword tool Market Samurai, it has been continuously updated since 2015, which shows that they really care about their customers.

Watch the Content Samurai Review video and see how it works.

content samurai review – how to create awesome videos easily

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Who is Content Samurai for

You can create various types of videos like content videos, influencer videos, instant ads, sales videos, training videos and property videos, so the app is useful for various types of businesses whether you’re an affiliate marketer, service provider or a product creator.

content samurai review-how to create awesome videos easily

How to use Content Samurai?

1) click the ‘create a new video’ button

2) Choose your template. As there are many choices, find the one that suits you best.

3) Enter your video title and paste in your script.

4) The software will now create your video, you can edit the slides and choose the images that you would like to use.

5) Choose your audio option. Upload your own voice, use the voice from the software, music and voice or music only.

6) Ad a watermark to your video if you want to. Take a look at the preview of your video.

7) Finish and download your video.

content samurai review-how to create awesome videos easily

Price of Content Samurai

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After the 7 days trail $35/Monthly

Pros and cons

Very easy to to create videos that are all of high quality.

Regularly updated by Content Samurai’s dedicated team.

Only thing that could scare of people is the recurring $35 monthly fee, which in my opinion is totally worth it.

Try it out for free for 7 days and create as many videos as you want.

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